The Impact of Texture and Finish in Commercial Tile Design

Selection, accessibility, unrivaled customer service, and professionals who have extensive knowledge of the tile industry are some of the advantages of working with the best — Horizon Italian Tile.

Discover Your Infinite Design Possibilities with Horizon Italian Porcelain Tile

Why settle for ordinary when you can have porcelain tile to unveil extraordinary design ideas.   Say hello to four splendid, new designs from Horizon Italian Tile. If you’re an existing customer, you know how we constantly challenge ourselves to find exceptional porcelain tile designs. From classical to modern, delicate to durable, and sassy to refined, Horizon Italian Tile has a tile design to satisfy every creative design idea.    Tesserae A classic revolution comes alive with Tesserae. The past . . . .

Tried and True Meets New: Horizon Italian Tile Never Disappoints

When your interior design ideas encourage new, contemporary & even playful, Horizon Italian Tile provides imagination with additions to the WOW Collection.

As Warm Weather Approaches, Your Outdoor Living Space Awaits a Makeover.

Prepare for the festive fun that spring and summer bring with a stunning patio redo in porcelain.   Get ready for warm weather by transforming your patio or portico into an “invitation to gather”.  As winter starts to fade away, everyone wants to get outside and enjoy nature and the camaraderie. While there’s time between the seasons, think about ways to modernize your outdoor living space. And when your living areas flow seamlessly with an inviting elegance, whether you’re inside . . . .

Horizon Italian Tile Announces the Relocation of the Dallas Warehouse

Horizon Italian Tile Announces the Relocation of the Dallas Warehouse. Expansion to new warehouse facilities adds welcome advantages.

Summertime and the Living is Easy — Especially at Poolside

Relaxing poolside is a given in hot summer days. With all the attention focused on the proverbial ‘watering hole’, why not make it an enduring classic?

Accentuate Reception and Sign-In Areas with Distinctive Style

Whether emphasizing the countertop or the wall, the reception areas are well-traveled by visitors, so they are continually in the spotlight.

The Making of a Lovable, Livable Living Room

Your Living Room should be alive with life, originality, and that special something that brings people together.

Accent Walls Create Character and Style in Special Areas of Your Home

Got the urge to make some decorative changes in your home this Spring? Why not have some fun creating an Accent Wall?