Bringing the Essence of Nature Indoors – Biophilic Design

January 11, 2024

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Biophilic design is a concept used within the architectural and design industry to connect the natural environment with the indoor environment. This is often accomplished with porcelain tile slabs used on walls because the designs mimic many different natural elements, fostering an environment that effortlessly brings nature to the indoor environment.


There’s a science behind the design philosophy of biophilic design. Think of how you feel when you’re outside surrounded by nature: trees, open sky, diverse foliage. You probably feel a sense of tranquility and joy. The concept of biophilic design can reproduce the same physical, psychological, and emotional effects of nature when brought to life in porcelain walls within living rooms and work spaces. 


One of the greatest architects of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright, said: “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” He translated this philosophy into structures in harmony with humanity and its environment, something he called “organic architecture.”


Biophilic design follows much the same philosophy, fostering a beneficial point of contact between people and nature.‍ Natural shapes such as lines and forms that occur in nature might include arches and vaults, recreating rock shelves, water paths, and other things that naturally occur. The natural environment also naturally features earthy colors, sunlight, and foliage designs all of which can be incorporated into gorgeous large slabs of porcelain tile that make any wall come alive.


Horizon Italian Tile works with a number of architects and designers providing large slabs of pristine porcelain tile, whether to create a biophilic space or one that needs wood, steel, marble, concrete, or stone. One of the most popular selections at Horizon that meets the demand for biophilic design is Kerlite Wonderwall


This is where large-format porcelain sets the stage with ultra-thin Kerlite slabs dramatically showcasing distinctive architectural elements of nature. A single wall can become a visually arresting space that lends depth, color, and texture to any room. Kerlite is just one of many selections available at Horizon Italian Tile when large-format porcelain tile is a must-have.


Biophilic design celebrates the idea of a city as a combination of urbanism, evolution, technology, and the natural environment. It enables us to experience nature and feel part of it, even in the most crowded cities. It’s safe to say, because of our intertwined connection with nature, biophilic design will only become even more in demand that it is now. 


Horizon Italian Tile is proud of our exceptional professionals who work tirelessly with clients on every detail. These are individuals who know the tile industry inside out, and they’re especially accustomed to working on high-end projects that demand only top-tier service and product. Feel free to come by any of our showrooms to take a tour and see for yourself why Horizon Italian Tile is the best.


If you would like to implement a biophilic design into your workspace with Horizon Italian Tile’s remarkable Kerlite Wonderwall porcelain tile, reach out to us for a consultation.