As Warm Weather Approaches, Your Outdoor Living Space Awaits a Makeover.

March 23, 2023

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Prepare for the festive fun that spring and summer bring with a stunning patio redo in porcelain.


Get ready for warm weather by transforming your patio or portico into an “invitation to gather”.  As winter starts to fade away, everyone wants to get outside and enjoy nature and the camaraderie. While there’s time between the seasons, think about ways to modernize your outdoor living space. And when your living areas flow seamlessly with an inviting elegance, whether you’re inside your living room or step outside to the patio, the harmony is there. what better way to do that than the creative selections from Horizon Italian Tile.


Here are three popular collections to consider that will give your indoor or outdoor living space a fresh, new look and feel. If you don’t find it here, we have many more selections for your consideration.


Awaken your patio with a modern look and an enduring porcelain tile called Built.


This is an interpretation of concrete that goes far beyond its main function as building material, especially considering Built is stunning, long-wearing, and slip resistant porcelain tile.


Enchanting colors are: Path, Dam, Yard, Sidewalk, and Block, available in sizes from 63”x126” to 3 “x12”. Built is not limited to outdoor installations and accommodates indoor floors and walls, as well.


Aextra20  for outdoor flooring is an elegant, smart choice. Thanks to the tremendous resistance of porcelain stoneware and the range of tasteful colors, Aextra20 is consistently a gratifying choice to transform your outdoor living space.  Even the names of the colors are exciting: Titanio, Gea, Graustein, Rimini, Rovere, Cinder.


Made in the USA, Aextra20 consists of single-piece porcelain stoneware slabs, perfectly squared and rectified with 20mm thickness, 24”x24” and slip-resistant surface. Extend Aextra20 to the pool area for elegance and assurance of proven endurance.


Materica is another popular selection for patio and other outdoor spaces. Hearty Materica embraces the earthy tones and urban feel of warm concrete kissed by such colors as: Antracite, Polvere, Grigio, Bianca, Corda, Ocra, Terra. 


Materica embodies the warmth of cotto, combined with neutral colors of concrete. It’s all about inclusions, imperfections and colorful accents, giving it a unique, artisan aesthetic while the warm and modern colors offer an urban feel.


Once you experience the possibilities of Horizon Italian Tile products, you may very well decide to redesign even more of your home’s living spaces. Whatever you choose within the unrivaled selections of Horizon Italian Tile, there is one thing you can count on. Satisfaction. 


Another standout quality of Horizon Italian Tile is our fast, consistent delivery. We avoid supply chain issues thanks to our large, Dallas-based warehouse. The facility is much larger than our previous location and houses prime collections of porcelain and ceramic tile. Visit us online  or come by one of our showrooms. 


You’ll enjoy meeting Horizon Italian Tile’s friendly, knowledgeable staff. These are experts in the tile industry– talented professionals who know how to guide you toward the finished look you want. Share your ideas, no matter how large or small, and you can feel confident about the results. 


Quality is intrinsic in the products and the people at Horizon Italian Tile. Get in touch soon!