Summertime and the Living is Easy — Especially at Poolside

March 30, 2022

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Make your poolside enchanting, elegant, and durable with porcelain tile from Horizon Italian Tile.


Summertime is such a welcoming change from the cold winter months. Spending your leisure time tucked away in the comfort of your backyard and pool area is a little slice of nirvana.

Now is the time to make the upgrades so you’re ready for family and friends.

Outfitting the pool area can be as simple as selecting a porcelain tile that will elevate the look and also add years of high-grade durability. Porcelain may sound like anything but strong, but the fact is, it withstands moisture, heat, and wear better than ceramics.

Porcelain tile from Horizon Italian Tile is chic and durable, with ease of maintenance that makes it a widely popular choice for luxurious poolside areas. The selections are vast at Horizon Italian Tile, but we’ve made it easier for you by selecting three of our top performers.


The Aextra20 Collection is a perfect

example of single-piece porcelain

stoneware slabs.

Made in USA, Aextra20 is perfectly squared and rectified with 20mm thickness and in comes in 24”x24” slabs with anti-slip surface finish. The tremendous resistance of porcelain stoneware makes it the ideal solution for any outdoor flooring or poolside area. Choose from four different installation systems with classically names colors such as: Titanio, Gea, Graustein, Rimini, Rovere, Cinder.

 Grain Stone

Grain Stone porcelain tile embodies

the granular look of a sandy beach.

Inspired by the volcanic power of granite, Grain Stone is a stone with a simple, almost primitive appearance that provides the versatile, expressive base for works of architecture built to last over time. A timeless beauty in semi-polished, natural, and technical finishes.

Surround your pool with the look of a sandy beach with Grain Stone’s regular pattern of vertical and horizontal lines interrupted by diagonal slashes giving the surface an attractively substantial, dynamic, tactile look.


Clash is a classic choice for outdoors

whether poolside or patio.


Clash is the ideal product for combining the impulsive beauty of stone with the unparalleled performance of our porcelain stoneware. Forged by primeval natural forces, Clash exemplifies a palette both elegant and contemporary. Colors such as Wish, Nature, Essence, Soul and Spirit express great aesthetic variety and freedom of design.


Porcelain Tile Offers Many Advantages

  • Porcelain is completely non-porous so it’s moisture resistant and can be created with a texture that makes it highly slip-resistant. This anti-slip surface makes it a perfect choice for pools, walkways, and any highly trafficked areas.
  • Intense sun can cause many stone and concrete surfaces to easily reach temperatures too hot for bare feet. In comparison, porcelain is often cooler to the touch. Lighter color selections also have a higher Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI), a numerical value placed on a surface’s ability to reject solar heat rather than absorb it.
  • Porcelain does not fluctuate with extreme heat and cold, so it will neither expand or contract. Because it’s non-porous, it’s far more dense than other materials making it tougher and more resistant to scratching and chipping.
  • Porcelain does not accumulate dirt like other surfaces which makes it much easier to clean.
  • Because there are no pores, porcelain is anti-microbial, combatting mold and mildew — another great reason to use it in moisture prone areas.
  • Outdoor porcelain tiles are both UV and fade resistant, so ten years later they still look like new.

When you’re ready to get started with your pool remodel, contact the experts who know porcelain — Horizon Italian Tile. Our astonishingly large selection of designs will intrigue you. And, we do not have supply chain issues, so your project can stay on schedule.

Visit us online or by telephone, or better yet, come by  one of our showrooms, in Dallas, Houston, or AustinIn New Orleans, call (504) 500-2016). We look forward to meeting you!