Discover Your Infinite Design Possibilities with Horizon Italian Porcelain Tile

June 8, 2023

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Why settle for ordinary when you can have porcelain tile to unveil extraordinary design ideas.


Say hello to four splendid, new designs from Horizon Italian Tile. If you’re an existing customer, you know how we constantly challenge ourselves to find exceptional porcelain tile designs. From classical to modern, delicate to durable, and sassy to refined, Horizon Italian Tile has a tile design to satisfy every creative design idea. 



A classic revolution comes alive with Tesserae. The past meets the future recalling the mastery of mosaic artisans, brilliantly composing their designs one piece at a time. The inspiration of hand-made cement tile made in the 19th century reveals the character of days gone still alive. Available in sizes 28×28 cm / 11”x11” with a Matte finish.


The past meets the future with Tessarae.



Is it possible that every surface offers the potential for artistic expression? We say, of course and Fayenza makes it happen. A translucid creation that showcases the fluidity and beauty of crystalline glazes, Fayenza is backed with the ancient inherited expertise of our ceramists. With a design oriented background, each color version has been caringly developed in the perfect environment to express our vision of the tiles’ excellence.

The iconic, soulful glazings of Fayenza elevate and glow with its stunning gloss finish. 


Fayenza radiates crystalline glazes. 



Don’t be fooled by the simple, down-to-earth name. Roots is honest and beautifully simplified, yet resonates with a distinctive way of thinking. Poolside is transformed with Roots flowing throughout the space in durable elegance. Designed for indoor and outdoor spaces with a choice of matte or gloss finish.


Roots conveys a natural, uninterrupted elegance that nourishes the space.



While Casbah is a tribute to a classic in Spanish architecture called “La Muralla Roja” by Ricardo Bofill based in Calpe, Alicante, the word has many different meanings and spellings throughout the Mediterranean. Inspired by Arab Mediterranean architecture, as an interpretation of a traditional Kasbah (or citadel), this design has striking geometry of cubic lines, full of vibrant colors with interior spaces almost labyrinthine by the seaside.


As a symbol of modernity, Casbah is a ceramic vision in colors and lines, over a very smooth matt finish surface which does not reflect the light.


Casbah is a tribute to Spanish design.


We invite you to explore the infinite possibilities that await you at Horizon Italian Tile. Whether you’re looking for what’s new, trendy, classic, or practical, we have tile selections for every taste.


Visit us online or come by one of our showrooms, in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or New Orleans and meet the friendly, knowledgeable experts at Horizon Italian Tile. If you have ideas you want to explore, share them with us and we can make your journey easier. Our knowledgeable staff is well-versed in all of our inventory and they are fun to work with, too. 


Discover why interior designers, architects, consultants, and individuals all love the beautifully abundant tile selections at Horizon Italian Tile. Contact Us for a Consultation.