The Impact of Texture and Finish in Commercial Tile Design

September 14, 2023

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How the WOW factor in porcelain tile can make commercial design more distinctive


Hues, patterns, texture and finish work together to create the aesthetics of porcelain tile when creating commercial designs. These key attributes play an important role in the overall appearance and feel of a room or a structure, so it’s important to analyze the function of the space and understand how and where the tile will be used.


Whether the commercial design is in a hotel, airport, hospital, corporation, or retail, selecting the porcelain tile that will bring the design ideas to life is crucial to the overall success of the project.


Following are several porcelain and ceramic tile selections with texture and finish that demand attention, exclusively from Horizon Italian Tile WOW series.  Explore the exciting variations to create commercial designs that will stand out and stand up to the test of time.




Fired bricks have been used since 3000 BC. With a great variety of styles, each one of them has its own charm: the traditional Roman brick, the iconic London stock brick, the cream city brick from Wisconsin… and so many more, all inspiring to our brick perception. Each one of our bricks is individually dry pressed in a porcelain body, which enables them for interior and exterior use. There are 8 different complementary faces randomly mixed. Durable and design-oriented results in contemporary bricks with subtle wood touches, stone textures, classy shaded tonalities, in a classic matte finish.




Honest and meaningful designs, for a distinctive way of thinking. The Roots collection has been created using a specially formulated matt enamel for use both indoors and outdoors. Soft-touch non-slip surface with the choice of gloss or matte finish. 




Porcelain tiles in a selection called Denim, celebrating the many shades of indigo. From a rebellious sign for some, fetich pop for others to a must-have in our daily lives. Indigo original-colored charms, worn out warmness, white and grey denim options to fit in any floor or wall design plan in a stylish matte finish. 




Go with the flow on floors, walls, indoor, and outdoor. Tones and shapes that flirt with the freedom of movement. White, taupe, black, blue and old rose diamonds; each one of them created with the random combination of 6 complementary shades in soft movement and matching decors. Enduring porcelain tiles in a subtle matte finish.




The beauty of hand-crafted clay, the charm of timeless bricks and voila — your passion is on display. Subway style or a fusion of tradition and cosmopolitan touches. Decorative black and white motifs and metallic give your creative instincts a boost.


Porcelain or Ceramic?


Ceramic tiles are made with a mixture of clay and sand. It is a very popular type of tile and can be used for commercial areas because they are hard material. However, ceramic tiles are not water-resistant, making them more porous with a tendency to chip easily. Also, periodic grouting is required.


Porcelain tiles can resist wear and tear and do not scratch easily. Porcelain tiles are highly moisture resistant, holding up under heavy foot traffic. Entryways and lobbies are ideal for porcelain tile. Because porcelain is non-porous it is nearly impervious to spills. Used in office lobbies, hotels, restaurants, and more, Porcelain tile offers durability, safety, and enduring beauty.


An impressive advantage that architects and designers enjoy when working with Horizon Italian Tile is not just the comprehensive selections within each tile category, but the unprecedented accessibility of getting the product — fast. Never mind the weeks of waiting to finish an installation because the wall or floor tile hasn’t arrived. This simply does not happen with Horizon Italian Tile.


Selection, accessibility, unrivaled customer service, and professionals who have extensive knowledge of the tile industry are some of the advantages of working with the best — Horizon Italian Tile. Visit us online or at one of our showrooms or contact us for a personal consultation.