Tried and True Meets New: Horizon Italian Tile Never Disappoints

May 10, 2023

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Designers at every stage of their career rely on the proven quality of our porcelain tile, now with  invigorating, new additions to our WOW Collection.


For the last 28 years, Horizon Italian Tile has served design and architectural customers and individuals throughout the country, with the highest quality porcelain tile from premier Italian tile factories. By maintaining a working relationship with major Italian tile manufacturers, Horizon Italian Tile has first-hand knowledge of product trends and tile industry activity.


Creative consultants, individuals, interior designers, and architects alike all value the proven quality of Horizon Italian Tile’s pristine porcelain tile. Now the products that our customers have relied upon for years as tried and true are joined by new designs in the WOW Collection. If you can’t relate to being shy, but rather find yourself drawn to the dramatic, you’re in the right place. Shake up your environment and your design ideas with mesmerizing selections from this popular Horizon Italian Tile porcelain tile collection. There’s a reason we call it WOW.


Welcome to the New Additions to the Horizon Italian Tile WOW Collection


Say hello to Twister, a design that’s sophisticated and original, yet fun, surprising, and a boost to your imagination. Choose from Gloss or Matt finishes and eight luminous colors. Twister may make your head spin with crazy, wonderful ideas, and that’s a good thing. Go ahead, turn your ideas into a design that demands attention with Twister. Your friends will never think you’re boring.


Take a more subtle approach with Stardust. Inspired by the ethereal grandeur of the cosmos, Stardust interprets a room through texture, color, and shape. Timeless porcelain tile, delicate yet resilient, Stardust turns ordinary into stellar. Create a universe of your own with Stardust.


Grace requires a subtle shift in your perspective that will open doors to new design inspiration. Diversity in color, shape, and finish makes Grace a delicately strong selection offering a myriad of design directions. If you have an affinity for freshness, harmony, and functionality, you’ll fall in love with Grace porcelain tile.


Looking for a tasteful blend of fun that nourishes your senses? Sweet Bars will flavor your outlook and nourish your design appetite with chic matt colors, fresh and vibrant translucents, earthy organic clays, and rich, deep minerals fused harmoniously. Sweet Bars will tastefully spice up any space where it’s served.


Experience the possibilities that await you with Horizon Italian Tile, whether it’s the WOW Collection or one of many others. Once you redesign a space with our pristine porcelain tile, you may very well be motivated to redesign another space with it. Regardless of what you choose within the unrivaled selections of Horizon Italian Tile, there’s one thing you will always get: Superior Quality and Ultimate Satisfaction. 


Here’s what one of Horizon Italian Tile’s satisfied customers has to say:

“Olivia Boone and the Horizon Italian Tile team are incredibly knowledgeable and creative, plus they have years of experience in the industry. Horizon’s showrooms are stunning with a layout and design that provides an ideal space to experience large gauged panels in their full glory. Horizon has an unusually diverse selection of lines and each one is unique — not something that you can find anywhere else.” Mat Pruitt, Business Development Manager, Florida Tile


You will also come to rely on Horizon Italian Tile for our fast, consistent delivery. We avoid delay issues thanks to our large, Dallas-based warehouse, located at 1460 Prudential Drive, Dallas, 75235. The new warehouse, which opened May, 2021, is much larger than our previous location and includes prime collections of porcelain and ceramic tile.  


Visit us online or come by one of our showrooms, in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or New Orleans and meet the friendly, knowledgeable experts at Horizon Italian Tile. Bring your ideas and we can work together to find exactly what you want. There are many wonderful selections and our staff will help to make your experience fun and gratifying. 


Discover how quality is intrinsic in both the products and the people at Horizon Italian Tile. Contact Us for a Consultation.