Innovations in Large Format Porcelain Tiles

December 1, 2023

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Large format porcelain tile is alive and well in many stunning variations at Horizon Italian Tile.


What is large format tile?  Large format tile is considered to be any tile with one side longer than 15″. Since their inception into the tile world, large format tile has not only grown in popularity, but also in size. From 24×24 all the way up to 40×120, larger tiles invite the best of innovations. Advanced technologies enable exceptional results to be achieved in large format, particularly with porcelain tile.


Porcelain is a material characterized by its high degree of compactness making it highly resistant to impacts, stresses, and wear. This makes porcelain tile in large format extremely suitable for floors, walls, and facades. 


Porcelain slabs have surfaces inspired by an amalgam of materials, from the natural, such as marble and wood, to the industrial, like metals and cement.


Large format porcelain slabs allow for use in wide spaces without interruption. Think of a long hall in a hotel for instance, where the quality of the materials used must take into consideration the intense flow of people coming and going. A material that requires easy cleaning and maintenance and holds up under stress of traffic is a perfect place for a large porcelain slab.  


Because porcelain is ‘ready-made’, the installation is faster and significantly reduces the time on site. Porcelain does not have to be sourced and processed as some stone does, furthermore, making it the ideal choice for large scale construction operations.


The specific characteristics of large format porcelain tile can be an advantage to floors as well as walls. Large format porcelain makes it possible to have a single, seamless vertical or horizontal composition, completely without grouting. And the wear and tear of many feet trodding through an airport or hotel lobby can be extensive over time, but thankfully the herculean strength of porcelain endures.


Porcelain slabs can also be applied to many spaces within a residence, as well.  Large walls and even small spaces create an opportunity to create unique environments.


The bathroom is definitely one space in the home where large format porcelain tiles can brilliantly make a statement. just think of the continuity that can be achieved between the floor and the ceiling and with fittings such as the bath and shower. The interior portions of bathrooms can be transformed into a comfortable domestic spa. Large porcelain formats are the most practical materials possible, without having to compromise on aesthetics, and you have the option to reinterpret marble or stone into a functional aesthetic.


Horizon Italian Tile has an elaborate selection of large format porcelain tiles that range from marble to concrete, metal to wood, and so much more. If you’re looking for seamless design, reduced maintenance, and highly enhanced visual appeal, Horizon Italian Tile is your best possible choice.


We invite you to come by one of our showrooms and take an eye-opening tour or even better, contact us for a personal consultation. Together we can find exactly what you want.