Creating Impactful Commercial Spaces with Porcelain Tile

October 16, 2023

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Incomparable porcelain tile is the pinnacle of aesthetics coupled with enduring strength.


Porcelain tile continues to be the first choice of commercial architects, considered the premium product for commercial spaces. Why? Durability, aesthetics, ambiance, functionality, and easy maintenance rank high as reasons for porcelain tile’s popularity.


Porcelain tile has also been a tried-and-true favorite building material among homeowners for years, and for good reason. It’s durable, easy to maintain, budget-friendly, and comes in a wide array of colors and sizes. Not surprisingly, all of these characteristics make porcelain tile equally ideal (if not more so) for commercial spaces.


Horizon Italian Tile proudly enjoys long-standing business relationships with architects and designers throughout the country. Our consistently distinctive quality and enchanting selections of color, texture, and form factor make it easy to see why.


Horizon Italian Porcelain Tile selections make any commercial installation as exciting as it is rewarding. Here are four popular porcelain tile selections from Horizon which are available with fast, uncomplicated delivery.


Built pays homage to concrete which has given shape in many forms to modern times. Built porcelain stoneware is the interpretation of concrete beyond its main function as building material. It becomes a new way to decorate interiors with an expression of contemporary style. Colors include: Path, Dam, Yard, Sidewalk, and Block


Materica is a porcelain tile collection with the warmth of cotto, combined with the neutral colors of concrete. Materica is about inclusions, imperfections and color accents, all of which give it a unique, artisan aesthetic while the warm and modern colors offer an urban feel.


Join, inspired by the continuous brushing resin application technique, reveals a new three-dimensional surface taking shape. The introduction of the new 32×32 format expands possibilities and stimulates the imagination.


Portraits is a collection that offers architectural solutions for floors and walls of residential and commercial projects. Products are available with the Bright (honed), Matt and Textured finishes. The products of this series, which bear the names of the places from which the reference stones come, will stimulate stylistic research by architects and designers: the bold grey of Kirby and Stromboli matches perfectly with the beige shades of Comblanchien, Faro and Tozeur and the light grey of Versilia.


Durability of Porcelain Tile


The rugged durability of porcelain tile is perhaps the most important quality that contributes to its desirability for commercial use. Porcelain tile is similar to ceramic tile, but is fired at higher temperatures, resulting in a tile that is very dense. The increased density of porcelain tile makes it extremely durable and resistant to chipping and cracking. Tile flooring in commercial spaces is often made of porcelain as it can withstand the continuous traffic and increased wear and tear of commercial use.


Easy Maintenance of Porcelain Tile


In addition to its durability, porcelain tile is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, two very important factors in commercial environments. It is also moisture resistant, making it perfect for commercial areas such as locker rooms, kitchens, and pool areas. Its low absorption rate resists bacteria growth and staining, an ideal characteristic for commercial kitchens. Metal tile is often used in commercial kitchens as well, due to its sanitary properties, but porcelain is an even better option because it resists scratching.


On top of that, porcelain tile does not need to be finished or sealed and requires no special cleaners or tools to keep up its appearance. All in all, porcelain is extremely low maintenance. The easy care of porcelain tile makes it a budget-conscious option for commercial spaces as well, since there’s no need to spend money on maintaining your tile every few months or years.


Aesthetics and Ambiance Radiate in Porcelain Tile


Porcelain tile is also offered in styles that expertly mimic the appearance of fine marble, stone, or wood. These look-alike alternatives allow commercial spaces to embrace the luxurious feel of high-end finishes, but without the hefty price tag. With porcelain wall tile, you can achieve the look of a natural Carrara marble wall, and at a fraction of the price.


Not only can commercial space designers save money on a fabulous tile, but they can also have their pick of sizes, colors, and styles. Porcelain tile is offered in a multitude of shapes, from small mosaics to elongated wall tile. Thanks to its overwhelming popularity and the wide variety offered, you can find a porcelain tile to complement any space.


Porcelain tile has all the characteristics that make it the obvious choice for commercial use and working with Horizon Italian Tile gives you the assurance of the finest quality possible. We have porcelain tile selections to put the finishing touch to floors, walls, or countertops for years of enduring wear coupled with unparalleled style and beauty.


Visit us online or come by one of our showrooms, in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or New Orleans and meet the friendly, knowledgeable experts at Horizon Italian Tile. Discover why interior designers, architects, consultants, and individuals all love the beautifully abundant tile selections at Horizon Italian Tile.

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