Pebbles Ivory
Pebbles Nero
Pebbles Cotto
Pebbles Ocean
Pebbles Teal
Stardust Ivory
Stardust Nero
Stardust Cotto
Stardust Ocean
Stardust Teal




Stardust is inspired in the outer space; It is our interpretation through texture, colour application and a touch of WOW.

Everything originated from star dust, containing all essential elements of life.
Delicate yet resilient just as our proposal.


Available Colors:

Pebbles Ivory, Pebbles Nero, Pebbles Cotto, Pebbles Ocean, Pebbles Teal, Stardust Ivory, Stardust Nero, Stardust Cotto, Stardust Ocean, Stardust Teal

Available Sizes:

15×15 cm 6"x6"