Speaking of First Impressions, What Does Your Entryway Say to Your Guests?

January 18, 2022

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There is a difference in a foyer and an entryway, but both speak a similar language.
First impressions are usually lasting impressions.  But first, let’s point out the difference in a foyer and an entryway. A foyer usually refers to a lobby, corridor, or waiting room used in a hotel, theater, or other commercial structures. An entryway is an opening or hallway allowing entry into a structure, usually a home or a residence. It’s easy to see how they can sometimes be thought of as interchangeable.
Nothing makes a more positive impact like the front entryway to your home. It’s so much more than just a place to leave and arrive. Ideally, an entryway should be a welcoming soft landing that says, “Do come inside, relax, enjoy the surroundings, stay awhile, and please come again.”
An entryway can be simple, fun, and creative with contemporary, pattern tile and a place to hang your coat or hat. It can also be dramatic, engaging, and even grand. Just remember, a first impression is just as important at home as it is out in the world.
One sure way to make your entryway a memorable experience is designing with Horizon Italian Tile. From floors to walls, porcelain tile makes a statement of elegance with varying styles of personality. Since it is the first space that your guests see as they walk into your home, the entryway can set itself apart or blend in with the home decor to follow.
The exciting thing about using Horizon Italian Porcelain Tile in your entryway is the far-reaching choices you have.
If you want to go avant-garde you might like Blanc et Bleu , a tribute to the artisan Spanish medieval technique. Cobalt blue pigment gives this porcelain tile a genuine look of charm and organic motif.

Blanc et Bleu porcelain tile
blends old-world with new.

Or you may want to be more subtle. Neutral shades speak a classic, unpretentious language, yet make a distinct contemporary mark on the space. Eight neutral colors offer a range from cool to warm, subtle to sparkling and all in lovely, durable porcelain. Be More is not just a name for this product, but a promise that it  brings to any environment.

The smooth sophistication of Be More makes the
entryway a dramatic introduction to your home.

While the entryway into your home can make a lasting impression, other spaces within your home can also come alive with the inspiration of Horizon Italian Tile.  Merging the colors, patterns, and styles of porcelain tile from walls to floors to countertops is a breathtaking result. You’re not limited to the inside of your home either. Take the hard-wearing, aesthetics of porcelain tile outside to the pool area, the patio, or the walkways.
Once you experience the many advantages of Horizon Italian Tile, especially the porcelain products, you’ll find it difficult to settle for anything less.
Bring your design ideas to Horizon and let’s discuss what you want and need. The extensive line of products we have available for immediate fulfillment is something we take pride in. There’s no such thing as waiting for weeks. Get your order when you need it.
Contact one of our Horizon Italian Tile experts and discover the fun and ease of working with the best.