Time To Update Your Company Restroom?

January 12, 2022

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A study conducted by the International Interior Design Association in 2016 indicated a significant link between office design and employee retention.
There’s a simple way for company management to give their workers a gift that keeps on giving — well-designed, aesthetically-appealing office space that includes an attractively-designed, modern, thoroughly hygienic restroom. Employees will feel better about their workplace as well as their employer; after all, the restroom is a place office workers visit 3 to 4 times a day, so there’s good reason to make it pleasing.
When you consider that Horizon Italian Tile can be installed in halls, on walls, and on floors, the decision to go ‘all out porcelain’ is really very easy — and smart. A remodel using porcelain tile will ensure years of wear with consistent visual appeal and simple maintenance that everyone can enjoy and appreciate.
Porcelain tile is remarkably hard-wearing because it is consistently non-porous, unlike other tiles of less quality. Easy maintenance makes porcelain tile a natural for high traffic areas such as company restrooms. Architects and designers love the diverse selection of designs available in porcelain tile, with imaginative shapes, sizes, and colors. For instance, pencil-thin black veining contrasts marble tiles’ thick strands of gray against its white background. Visually pleasing and easily maintained makes porcelain tile a popular choice among professionals.
Petra is a remarkable porcelain tile inspired by natural, random patterns and textures.


One of Horizon Italian Tile’s popular porcelain tile selections is a color called Petra Crema. A soothing matte, non-slip finish makes Petra a smart choice for walls, floors, and counters.

Autore echoes the history of Fine Italian craftsmanship, setting new possibilities for contemporary design.


With colors such as Trevi, Rimini, Taormina, Giudecca, Rivoli, and Navigli, Autore sets the stage for a porcelain stoneware collection that mirrors Venetian terrazzo floors. With a polished or matte finish, stunning Autore ensures longevity while captivating the eye.
Horizon Italian Tile continues to provide the pristine quality and amazing selection of porcelain tile to architects and designers throughout the country. Whether the project is a redesign of corporate, airport, restaurant, or hospital restrooms, Horizon Italian Tile knows exactly how to find the perfect match to satisfy both budget and good taste.
Because the Horizon team is incredibly knowledgeable and creative, they know how to find the perfect design solution. With stunning showrooms and a layout and design that provides the ideal space to fully appreciate their products, Horizon Italian Tile is more often than not the place to find whatever a project calls for — and with little or no waiting time. That in itself is unique.
Whether it’s the holiday season or anytime of the year, connect with Horizon Italian Tile for all of your design needs. Visit one of the Horizon Italian Tile showrooms to experience the wildly diverse collections of the finest porcelain tile.
Contact us today and together let’s discover how to make your next commercial installation an unforgettable work of art.