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Leaf Wall Decor Blanc
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Antique Blanc
Crayon Bleu
Crayon Blanc



Blanc et Bleu

Tribute to the artisan Spanish medieval technique.

Brush strokes of cobalt blue pigment over a naturally aged white background, where every single piece is unique.

Genuine reclaimed look, with the charm of authenticity and alluring ornamental, geometrical and organic motifs


Available Colors:

Antique Blanc, Square Decor Blanc, Leaf Decor Blanc, Antique Decor Mix Blanc, Antique Decor 1, Antique Decor 2, Crayon Bleu, Crayon Blanc, Antique Wall Blanc, Square Wall Decor Blanc, Leaf Wall Decor Blanc

Available Sizes:

7"x7" Floor, 5"x5" Wall

Available Finishes:



Porcelain (Floor Tile), Ceramic (Wall Tile)


Floors, Walls

Important Notes:

Nominal Sizes, See PDF for Technical & Install Guides

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