Making the visit a win starts when guests walk into your Hotel Lobby

February 3, 2022

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Will the Days of the Luxurious Hotel Lobby Fade Away or Will the Revered Space Remain as the Anticipated, Grand Intro to an Inviting Experience?


Even in these days of contactless interaction, the hotel lobby has an obligation to its guests to remain a place of classic chic, right? After all, this is where guests form their first impressions of what’s to come during their stay.


The challenge for architects and designers is finding textures, tones, and ambient add-ons to give a singular hotel lobby its very own style with less grandiosity. That’s where Horizon Italian Tile steps in to provide the subtleties, the drama, or perhaps simply the one-of-a-kind style that sets one hotel lobby apart from another.


Because such an amalgam of humanity passes through the doors of a hotel on any given day, finding the balance to satisfy such a vast array of tastes and styles is important. A difficult task by any measure, yet given the bountiful selection of tiles from Horizon Italian Tile, there’s little doubt the challenge can be met.


Hotel lobbies have traditionally had plenty of space for design, which offers the opportunity to use Horizon Italian Tile slabs  which easily cover volumes of space and can be easily installed.


Anima Ever Slab Collection

Anima Ever Slab Collection


Depending on the overall design of any hotel lobby, the color and texture selections must connect. If the setting is more functional and simple, with more subtle tones, a stone look with natural finish may work best. From elegant cream colors to a wide variety of grays, it’s possible to create a warm, natural setting around which a contrast of bolder furnishings and accessories fit well.


For more contemporary hotel lobby environments, bolder patterns and splashes of color can accentuate the wow impact when guests arrive. Horizon Italian Tile can provide an array of contemporary looks in both porcelain and ceramic tile.


Marmi3 Collection

Marmi3 Collection


An impressive advantage that architects and designers enjoy when working with Horizon Italian Tile is not just the comprehensive selections within each tile category, but the unprecedented accessibility of getting the product — fast. Never mind the weeks of waiting to finish an installation because the wall or floor tile hasn’t arrived. This simply does not happen with Horizon Italian Tile.


Selection, accessibility, unrivaled customer service, and professionals who have extensive knowledge of the tile industry are some of the advantages of working with the best — Horizon Italian Tile.


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