Play All Duna
Play Two Duna
Play One Duna
Play Board Mar
Play Board Duna
Play Blanc
Play One Mar
Play Two Mar
Play All Mar
Play One Frutti
Play Two Frutti
Play All Frutti
Like Blanc
Like Grana
Like Marino
Like Grana Plus
Like Marino Plus
Like B&W
Suit Marino
Suit Grana
Suit Ona
Suit B&W
Suit B&W Plus
Suit Blanc
Suit Moss




Tesserae is a dialogue between past and future.
A classic revolution.

Inspired in the nineteenth century by the hand made cement tiles full of character and recalling the mastery of the mosaic artisans, who composed their designs one piece at the time.

Available Colors:

Play Blanc, Play Board Duna, Play Board Mar, Play One Duna, Play Two Duna, Play All Duna, Play One Mar, Play Two Mar, Play All Mar, Play One Frutti, Play Two Frutti, Play All Frutti, Like Blanc, Like Grana, Like Grana Plus, Like Marino, Like Marino Plus, Like B&W, Suit Blanc, Suit Ona, Suit Marino, Suit Grana, Suit Moss, Suit B&W, Suit B&W Plus

Available Sizes:

28×28 cm / 11”x11”