Accentuate Reception and Sign-In Areas with Distinctive Style

March 23, 2022

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Hotels and corporate offices can have check-in counters that put the accent on excellence and resilience.


When guests walk into a hotel, the reception/sign-in desk is usually the first stop. When visitors enter an office destination, the reception area is most likely what they first see. By putting the accent on style, excellence, and resilience architects and designers can create extraordinary reception and check-in areas.


Whether emphasizing the countertop or the wall, these areas are well-traveled by guests and visitors to companies and hotels, so they are continually in the spotlight. Using materials that are engineered to endure and look wonderful can be challenging, unless you’re working with experts in the industry such as Horizon Italian Tile. They offer such a vast selection of top-quality porcelain and ceramic tile, it can be difficult to decide on just one.


Medley combines classical with

contemporary inducing a fresh

new style.


Imagine Venetian Terrazzo, a symbol of pure classical style and that’s what you’ll find in Medley.  This fine porcelain collection comprises two concrete variants, Minimal and Tecnica, together with 3 Venetian Terrazzo versions, Classic, Rock and Pop, which differ in the size and shape of their constituent pieces.


While evoking the principle of original Terrazzo compositions, Medley moves toward a new concept in which graphics and colors create new combinations, revealing a creative freshness. Suitable for walls, floors, countertops or even locations of different types or intended use, Medley adds contemporary sophistication to any space.


Discover the mystery of Alchemy,

where the strength and beauty

of porcelain masquerades as



Alchemy enlivens porcelain with extraordinary visual power, creating a high-level design that captivates and delights. Alchemy explores the beauty of metal, following the unpredictable paths and surprising colors that oxidization creates on its surface. A wondrous selection for countertops, walls, and floors. Color selection entice your imagination: argent, magnet, t.c. mint (shown here), navy, copper, and frozen.



Stripes is ideal for the unexpected

accent wall.


The Stripes Collection takes a minimal surface and transforms into vertical or horizontal movement allowing bands of light and shadow to enhance otherwise flat surfaces. Stripes is ideal for the accent wall or counter front of the check-in or reception desk. Available in a matte or glass finish, the colors of this ceramic tile include: Matte White, Ice White Gloss, Graphite Matte, White Stone, Greige Stone, Graphite Stone, Dove, Grey, Sky, Teal, Cotto, Garnet.


Horizon Italian Tile is your premium choice for high-grade porcelain or ceramic tile selections regardless of the project size. We work with architects and designers throughout the country providing the highest quality products aligned with any size budget. One of the most popular and enduring qualities of Horizon Italian Tile is our, fast, consistent delivery. So often waiting is expected in a project, especially these days with supply chain issues. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that’s not the case with Horizon Italian Tile.

Visit us online  or come by one of our showrooms, in Dallas, Houston, or Austin.  In New Orleans, call (504) 500-2016. You’ll enjoy meeting our impressive staff who know the industry and will answer all your questions.