Classic White
Classic Pink
Classic Grey
Classic Green
Classic Dark Grey
Classic Blu
Minimal White
Minimal Pink
Minimal Grey
Minimal Green
Minimal Dark Grey
Minimal Blu
Pop White
Pop Pink
Pop Grey
Pop Green
Pop Dark Grey
Pop Blu
Rock White
Rock Pink
Rock Grey
Rock Green
Rock Dark Grey
Rock Blu




The reworking of Venetian Terrazzo, this symbol of pure classical style for contemporary taste has created the Medley porcelain collection.
The collection comprises two concrete variants, Minimal and Tecnica, together with 3 Venetian Terrazzo versions, Classic, Rock and Pop, which differ in the size and shape of their constituent pieces. Medley evokes the principle of the original Terrazzo compositions, while surpassing it and evolving it towards a new concept in which graphics and colours experiment with new combinations, merging in a higher degree of creative freshness.
The combination of these Venetian Seminato materials, with their strong personality, generates an original variety of ideas for extreme design freedom, with different associations of background colours and shape dimensions.
Medley is  suitable even for locations of widely different type or intended use, but all sharing the cutting-edge design and sophistication of a timeless contemporary style.


Available Colors:

Rock Blu, Rock Dark Grey, Rock Green, Rock Grey, Rock Pink, Rock White, Pop Blu, Pop Dark Grey, Pop Green, Pop Grey, Pop Pink, Pop White, Classic Blu, Classic Dark Grey, Classic Green, Classic Grey, Classic Pink, Classic White, Minimal Blu, Minimal Dark Grey, Minimal Green, Minimal Grey, Minimal Pink, Minimal White

Available Sizes:

24×48, 24×24, 12×24, 36×36
*sizes vary by pattern and finish

Available Finishes:

Natural, Tecnica



Slip Resistance:

>.42 wet


Floors, Walls, Indoor, Outdoor


10mm, 20mm


Mosaic 1×1

Important Notes:

Size and thickness vary by pattern, Nominal Sizes, See PDF for Decor, See PDF for Technical and Install Guides