The Making of a Lovable, Livable Living Room

March 2, 2022

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Regardless how different the style of a living room may be, it remains the focal point of getting together.


While the living room can be countless styles, depending upon its inhabitants, when it comes down to basics, the living room is the comfortable gathering place where family and friends meet, socialize, relax, and celebrate.


While the three most popular living room styles are 1) Contemporary (29%); 2) Traditional (22%); and Transitional (13%); there are innumerable styles that go beyond this to reflect cultural, social, and historical influences.


There are two things that all living rooms have in common are — walls and floors. These are the largest areas of the space that prominently create and connect the basic ambience of the room itself.


Designing your living room walls and floors with Horizon Italian Porcelain Tile not only creates a stunning environment, but also ensures the long-lasting wearability that porcelain provides.


With the far-reaching selections available at Horizon Italian Tile, you have options that mimic wood, metal, concrete, stone, and even marble.



Enchant unveils porcelain tile

on wall and floor with the warm look

of wood.


Made in the USA and inspired by the warmth of aged and painted wood, Enchant unveils all its beauty through soft, charming hues. Three subtle colors — spark, oasis, and mystic create a living room wrapped in the look of natural wood.



L`H sets an ultra-contemporary

stage for sophisticated living room



L’H will bestow originality and warmth on refined, sophisticated design themes. Four natural colors, Bianco, Grigio, Cenere, and Nero provide the options you need to meld with your own, special accoutrements.



Touché has classical marble-effect

patterns and is known for its beauty

and depth.


Touché stands out for its ultra-white surface that provides an unparalleled reminiscence of marble. Manufactured with meticulous care and attention, Touché creates a stunning, sleek contemporary setting whether used on floors or walls.


Les Bijoux de Rex (found here) is a porcelain tile rich in colors revered by master artists.


Les Bijoux de Rex has the allure of jeweled surfaces, inspired by the marble of extremely rare and precious surfaces often compared to true works of art. With strong chromatic intensity, the eight alluring colors do not disappoint: Onyx Blanche, Brèche Capraia, Calacatta Altissimo Blanc, Ombre de Caravage, Les Quatre Saisons, Sodalite Bleu, Marron imperial, Jaspe Rouge.


Horizon Italian Tile has such a vast array of porcelain tile, you really must visit one of our Showrooms to truly be overwhelmed by the selections. If you have concerns about timeliness on deliveries, you need not worry. One of Horizon Italian Tile’s most well-loved features is our consistent accessibility to product and fast delivery. You will never have to wait long weeks for delivery.


Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience and we can discuss your design needs. Visit us online or in person at one of our Showrooms. You’ll enjoy the experience and we will enjoy meeting you.


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