Care and Maintenance – Porcelain Tile

August 29, 2021

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Horizon Italian Tile recommends following these simple steps to ensure the beauty of your porcelain for its lifetime.


Post-Installation Cleaning

The first and most important step involves the complete removal of grout residue and construction debris after the initial installation. The majority of client complaints are due to the fact that tiles are inadequately cleaned post installation. The most effective way to remove grout residue is to follow the grout manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.

For products with a matte or textured finish, Horizon Tile recommends using Fila Deterdek Acid Cleaner post-installation to remove thin set residue and grout haze on porcelain tile.
For products with a polished finish or finishes that are acid sensitive Horizon Tile recommends using Fila Neutral Cleaner.

Thorough rinsing with clean water is necessary to ensure successful cleaning.


Daily Maintenance

Porcelain tiles require minimal maintenance.

Daily cleaning should be performed first by sweeping or vacuuming to remove loose soil or other surface contaminants, followed by damp mopping with clean hot water.
For optimum results:

  • Choose a cleaning product that is suitable for use on porcelain tile.
  • Clean surface spills as quickly as possible.
  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for proper dilution of detergent.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove the solution in order to prevent coating or hazing.
  • For more aggressive cleaning a nylon pad or bristle brush may be required. (Matte and textured finishes only.)


Please refer to the table below for additional information on common stains.


Product Common Stains
Fila PS/87 Oil & Grease, Beer & Wine, Coffee, Soda, Paint, Gum, Ink, Nicotine, Urine & Vomit, Marker, Hair Dye, Adhesive Tape Residues
Fila SR/95 Coffee, Wine, Soda, Ink, Nicotine, Urine & Vomit, Marker, Hair Dye
Fila Nopaint Star Graffiti
Deterdek Rust, Cement, Limestone, Metal Stains
Filasolv Bitumen, Wax, Adhesive Tape Residues
Fuganet Dirty Joint


Horizon Italian Tile provides these recommendations to its customers as an information source only. Horizon Italian Tile can not guarantee the performance of the cleaners recommended as Horizon has no control over the application of cleaners by other parties.

Horizon Italian Tile recommends testing a small area prior to using any cleaning or maintenance product to determine if it is suitable for its intended purpose. Horizon Italian Tile is not liable for damages of any nature to your porcelain tile.