Onyx Blanche
Ombre de Caravage
Les Quatre Saisons
Marron imperial
Sodalite Bleu
Jaspe Rouge



Les Bijoux de Rex

Discover the artistic allure of jewel surfaces with the style and great expressive strength of the Rex brand. “Les Bijoux de Rex” is inspired by the marble of extremely rare and precious surfaces that can be compared to true works of art.

This enchanting line of products with strong chromatic intensity inspired by precious minerals in 8 colours: noble minerals such as onyx, red jasper and sodalite skillfully worked to create refined, artisanal jewels, magnificent marbles used in the creation of important architecture and sculptures, even paintings by renowned artists.


Available Colors:

Onyx Blanche, Brèche Capraia, Calacatta Altissimo Blanc, Ombre de Caravage, Les Quatre Saisons, Sodalite Bleu, Marron imperial, Jaspe Rouge

Available Sizes:

63"x126", 48"x111", 48"x48", 32"x32", 24"x24", 63"x63", 48"x95", 32"x71", 24"x48", 16"x32"

Available Finishes:

Matte, Glossy


Floors, Walls

Important Notes:

Nominal Sizes, See PDF for Technical & Install Guides

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Domestic Stock, Call to confirm availability with sales rep