The Secret to Designing the Comfortable, Soothing Aesthetics of a Waiting Room

February 16, 2022

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What smooths the edge off a visit to the doctor or dentist? A waiting room you don’t mind waiting in.

It’s a patient’s first impression of a medical or dental practice — the waiting room, sometimes referred to as the reception area. Waiting rooms are vitally important and significantly influential areas of a medical or dental practice that either enhance the commitment to patient-centric care, or weaken it — possibly to the point that some patients might start thinking seriously about making a switch.

The average wait time for patients visiting a physician is 57 minutes — time enough for a patient to relax and feel they will receive a higher quality of care than if they were in a darker, closed room.  All the more reason for a medical or dental waiting room to be designed, first and foremost, with the patient in mind.

A space that elicits a calm and soothing energy helps reduce patient and visitor anxiety. Positive distractions, especially colors and images of nature, tend to help enhance the experience.

Designing the perfect waiting room is easily achieved with wall and floor selections of beautifully enduring porcelain tile from Horizon Italian Tile.


The Geo collection is inspired by one

of nature’s beautiful stones, travertine



Horizon Italian Tile’s inspired, porcelain Geo collection brings walls and floors to life with gentle linear veins that have the effect of nature’s own travertine marble. Warm, subtle colors of Geo Gris or Geo Crema make designing with this porcelain tile selection easy and gratifying.

Kerlite Wonderwall creates walls that

pay homage to nature in many forms.


For a more contemporary waiting room theme, Horizon Italian Tile introduces Kerlite Wonderwall, expressive and decorative, it creates a striking space. Walls can become an architectural intervention, adding depth and soothing elements of nature.

Slabs made of Kerlite are ultra-thin and come in large-format porcelain stoneware with a vast assortment of creatively-names colors such as: Matrix, Ritmi, Lotus, Color Ballet, Venice, Freestyle, Sketch, Script, Zen, Dream, Jungle, and Frame.


Anima  marble-effect porcelain tiles

create a stunning effect.


For the ultimate waiting room installation that emits elegance, clarity, and an inimitable style, the Anima porcelain tile collection from Horizon Italian Tile is the choice. The natural marble-effect of the Anima porcelain tile collection creates a floor of eternal beauty with the superb benefit of hard-wearing, enduring porcelain tile.


For designers and architects with waiting room projects on their schedules, plan a visit with Horizon Italian Tile. Discover the advantages of working with people in the know, who have years of industry experience working with designers and architects throughout the country.

One reason professionals such as yourself love Horizon Italian Tile is that you get what you order — fast.


We would love to have you come visit us in one of our showrooms and see for yourself the vast selection of the finest porcelain tile available. Contact Horizon Italian Tile  and get the friendly, accessible expertise you need for your design choices. We want to help make your next installation a beautiful success.