Hexagon Ice White
Hexagon Ash Grey
Hexagon Graphite
Trapezium Ice White
Trapezium Ash Grey
Trapezium Graphite
Chevron Ice White
Chevron Ash Grey
Chevron Graphite
Triangle Ice White
Triangle Ash Grey
Triangle Graphite



WOW Floor Tiles

We believe that excellence is in small details, therefore, we needed to create a Floor solution with the same essence and soul of our walls. Now we can set up coherent spaces, chromatically balanced with matching high quality for wall and floor surfaces. To achieve such a desired perfection, we present four different modulating floor shapes, matching in colours and combinable between them: Chevron, Hexagon, Trapezium, and Triangle.

This allows endless original compositions and ensures at the same time each space own exclusivity. Wow floors following the brand philosophy,are surprising and versatile. Porcelain body art, apt for any application: exterior use as well as residential and commercial.

Available Colors:

Triangle Ice White, Hexagon Ice White, Chevron Ice White, Trapezium Ice White, Triangle Ash Grey, Hexagon Ash Grey, Chevron Ash Grey, Trapezium Ash Grey, Triangle Graphite, Hexagon Graphite, Chevron Graphite, Trapezium Graphite

Available Sizes:

8"x9", 4"x9", 4"x20.5"
*Trapezium Graphite & Trapezium Ash Grey not available in 4"x9"
*Chevron Ash Grey, Chevron Ice White & Chevron Graphite not available in 4"x20.5"
*Triangle Ash Grey, Triangle Graphite, Hexagon Ash Grey & Hexagon Ice White not available in 8"x9"

Available Finishes:





Walls, Floors



Important Notes:

Nominal Sizes. See PDF for technical & install guides. Confirm availability with sales rep

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