White Falda
White Contrafalda
Grey Falda
Grey Contrafalda
Black Falda
Black Contrafalda
Greige Falda
Greige Contrafalda
Sand Falda
Sand Contrafalda
Gold Falda
Gold Contrafalda
Brown Falda
Brown Contrafalda



Stone Project

We went inside its natural substance, cut through it and studied the ways it is cut and worked, to produce a new material with a multiplicity of faces, conserving all its variety, created by Nature over millions of years. Stone Project is the perfect synthesis of Italian creativity, which skilfully combines the double press-loading production method and Full HD digital graphics. Stone Project is a technical material, ideal for designing spaces of all kinds, with no limitations.

Available Colors:

White Falda, White Contrafalda, Gold Falda, Gold Contrafalda, Sand Falda, Sand Contrafalda, Brown Falda, Brown Contrafalda, Grey Falda, Grey Contrafalda, Greige Falda, Greige Contrafalda, Black Falda, Black Contrafalda

Available Sizes:

24×48, 8×48, 12×24, 24×24

Available Finishes:

Lappato, Naturale




Unglazed Clean with Neutral Detergent



Important Notes:

Nominal Sizes. See PDF for Décor. See PDF for tech & install guides.

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