Popcorn Matt
Popcorn Gloss
Taupe Matt
Taupe Gloss
Topo Matt
Topo Gloss
Terracotta Matt
Terracotta Gloss
Grey Matt
Grey Gloss
Sage Matt
Sage Gloss
Mustard Matt
Mustard Gloss
Moss Matt
Moss Gloss
Nero Matt
Nero Gloss




Rebel and think for yourself

Art infused practice transforming rebelliousness in creativity, freshness that adds value, identity…
Experience our cool colour notes, contrasts in gloss and matt and present your spaces the way you are.

Available Colors:

Popcorn Matt, Popcorn Gloss, Taupe Matt, Taupe Gloss, Topo Matt, Topo Gloss, Terracotta Matt, Terracotta Gloss, Grey Matt, Grey Gloss, Sage Matt, Sage Gloss, Mustard Matt, Mustard Gloss, Moss Matt, Moss Gloss, Nero Matt, Nero Gloss

Available Sizes:

5×15 cm / 2"x6"


Matte, Gloss