Olmo Dorato
Olmo naturale
Olmo Sbiancato
Olmo Tinto
Rovere Bruno Ossidato
Rovere Ossidato



Millelegni Remake

Millelegni Remake: a fresh combination of the random elegance of wood, the ways its surfaces are transformed by time, the hand-crafted character of timber worked by man and a state-of-the-art design language.

A range comprising 4 colour varieties of North American elms, the ideal collection for design schemes in natural taste and with a strong personality in contemporary residential and commercial locations.

Available Colors:

Olmo Dorato, Olmo naturale, Olmo Sbiancato, Olmo Tinto, Rovere Bruno Ossidato, Rovere Ossidato

Available Sizes:

20×120 cm, 25×150 cm
*sizes available in 9.5mm
*40×120 cm available in 20 mm