Zellige Turques
Zellige Aqua
Zellige Graphite
Zellige Grey
Zellige White Matt
Zellige White
Chateau Antique Cotto
Chateau Antique Graphite
Chateau Antique White Gloss
Chateau Cotto
Chateau Graphite
Chateau White Gloss
Chateau Lines Cotto
Chateau Lines Graphite
Chateau Lines White Gloss




Mestizaje is our appreciation to the imperfect and the natural. Embracing ancestral “Zellige” art and the antique terracotta charms.

Zellige walls are a tribute to the North African Zellige craftsmanship, treasured from one generation to another.

We propose vibrant translucent colours with 12 blended shades for each one, surface textures and shaped backs for your walls; in combination with Chateau floors, inspired in graceful French terracotta, century old beauty of clay in chalky colours, embellished by the passage of time.

Mestizaje breaths new life into each ceramic piece.

Available Colors:

Zellige White Matt, Zellige White, Zellige Grey, Zellige Graphite, Zellige Aqua, Zellige Turques, Chateau Cotto, Chateau White Gloss, Chateau Graphite, Chateau Antique Cotto, Chateau Antique Graphite, Chateau Antique White Gloss, Chateau Lines Cotto, Chateau Lines White Gloss, Chateau Lines Graphite

Available Sizes:

Zellige (Wall Only) : 5"x 5"
Chateau (Floor/Wall): 7"x 7", 1.5” x 5”

Available Finishes:

Matt, Gloss


Porcelain (Floor or Wall), Ceramic (Wall)


Walls, Floors



Important Notes:

Nominal Sizes. See PDF for technical & install guides.

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