Free Bevel Cotton
Freehand Rainbow
Freehand Cotton
Free Bevel Terra
Free Bevel Cotton Terra
Free Bevel Smoke
Free Bevel Cotton Smoke
Free Bevel Ocean
Free Bevel Cotton Ocean
Free Bevel Rainbow




The Freehand collection comes in two elongated shapes, a smooth even one and an elegant bevelled choice, both for interior use.

These tiles contribute to a natural feel, and come in an organic colour palette of Cotton, Terra, Ocean, and Smoke, as well as the opalescent Rainbow colour that evolves into a beam of reflections.

Power your creative vision.

Available Colors:

Freehand Cotton, Freehand Rainbow, Free Bevel Cotton, Free Bevel Terra, Free Bevel Cotton Terra, Free Bevel Smoke, Free Bevel Cotton Smoke, Free Bevel Ocean, Free Bevel Cotton Ocean, Free Bevel Rainbow

Available Sizes:

Freehand and Free Bevel available in 5.2×16 cm, 2”x6.3”
Freehand Edge available in 0.8×16 cm, 0.3”x6.3”