Ebony Gloss
Olive Gloss
Carmin Gloss
Azur Gloss
Lemonade Gloss
Lake Gloss
White Gloss
Tan Matt
Biscuit Matt




Conscious of the future, while respecting the past

As part of the Zellige iconic Moorish trend, BEJMAT is considered an art in itself with a significant influence on western decoration. This process has not varied for a millennium.

Maintaining the original concept while rethinking the design for an actual market, the line features 9 shaded colours and two shapes to dress entrances, patios, fireplaces, countertops, backsplashes, pools and any living space.

Available Colors:

Biscuit Matt, Tan Matt, White Gloss, Lake Gloss, Lemonade Gloss, Azur Gloss, Carmin Gloss, Olive Gloss, Ebony Gloss

Available Sizes:

5x15cm, 2"x6"

BEJMAT SQUARE and BEJMAT DECOR available in 15x15cm, 6"x6"


Floors, Walls