The Kitchen is the Heart of a Home. Invite the Stunning Glow of Porcelain Tile to Live There.

November 10, 2021

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The kitchen is the heart of many homes, alive with the comings and goings of family and friends. It’s the gathering place for lively exchange, recipe decision-making, and the ultimate scrumptious meal (or sometimes just a midnight snack) – all of which make it a very popular, busy place.



With so much activity centered around the kitchen, the environment should, ideally, be clean, organized, and attractive, wrapped in a feeling of convivial comfort. But there’s no reason the kitchen cannot be visually stunning, too. That’s what the radiance of porcelain tile creates when the design of your kitchen includes only the best.


Aside from being show-stopping gorgeous, porcelain tile is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Remarkably sustainable, porcelain tile is non-porous, unlike other tiles of less quality.


Non-porous tile is particularly beneficial in high traffic areas, especially where messes easily happen simply because kids will be kids.


Horizon Italian Tile offers design solutions to the most demanding consumers, interior designers and architects, providing tile solutions designed for any intended use, ensuring aesthetic refinement and technical excellence.


There are many ways to enhance a kitchen using porcelain tiles. Options may include walls, floors, countertop, galley, or even a one-of-a-kind island.


Reflecting nature’s minerals, the porcelain collection Zinc includes large format slabs and decorative hexagons creating a contemporary floor design that resonates throughout the kitchen. Also a striking wall option in the kitchen. Other color options besides Copper include Black and Green. Slip-resistant and stunning as a choice for both floors and walls.


For the look of natural wood, the Life porcelain tile series brings a warm earthiness to the kitchen, beautifully juxtaposed within a svelte, contemporary setting.


One of the distinctive features of Horizon Italian porcelain tile is that it requires minimal maintenance. This is especially good to know when designing in a kitchen. Daily cleaning is recommended, first by sweeping or vacuuming to remove loose soil or other surface contaminants, followed by damp mopping with clean hot water.


Deciding to add to or renovate a kitchen area using Horizon Italian Tile porcelain tile is a decision you will never regret. Not only will you be engendering new life into the most popular room in the house, you will also be adding intrinsic, quality aesthetics that will live on for years to come.


Contact Horizon Italian Tile and get the friendly, accessible expertise you need for your design choices — inside and out.