Transform your Pool Area into a Porcelain Stoneware Oasis

September 29, 2021

Seize the day as summer winds down and transform your pool area into a Porcelain Stoneware Oasis.


Whether you’ve just moved into your home or you’ve been pondering the luxuries of a pool for months, now is the perfect time of year to go for it. Transforming your backyard into a luxury porcelain stoneware oasis is easy if you work with porcelain experts at Horizon Italian Tile.


Three distinct reasons Horizon Italian Tile is the first choice over other brands is the level of quality and exclusivity of product mix, and the intensely dedicated customer care combined with the availability of selections customers want. We are often referred to as pioneers in the tile industry with a reputation for extreme customer satisfaction and the ability to consistently deliver, without waiting — ‘affordable chic’ in Italian porcelain


Horizon Italian Tile is the only source in Dallas for high-quality porcelain slabs exclusively from our Italian supplier.


Long-Lasting, Beautiful, and Eco-Friendly


Porcelain absorbs less than 0.5% of water while ceramic and other non-porcelain tiles or slabs absorb much more. Though glazed ceramic tile is non-porous, porcelain tile ensures complete impermeability to water. When porcelain slabs or tiles are formed the clay is denser, making it less porous. It affects how the tiles behave and determines what they are best used for.


Porcelain’s level of water resistance means it can endure nature’s harshest weather — hot and cold. In cold weather, ceramic may crack, meaning you’ll be doing repairs more than you’d like. That’s one more reason hard-working porcelain offers better value and more peace of mind.


Horizon Italian Tile’s Aextra20 for outdoor flooring areas around pools and patios is an elegant, smart choice. Thanks to the tremendous resistance of porcelain stoneware and the range of tasteful colors, Aextra20 is consistently the perfect solution to transform your pool area.  Even the names of the colors are exciting: Titanio, Gea, Graustein, Rimini, Rovere, Cinder.


If you’ve had your pool for a while, you know the reward it offers for making memories.


Besides a memorable place of family and friends get-togethers, a pool is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home, not to mention the increase a pool adds to your home’s value. Time spent in your pool area provides a respite of tranquility without leaving home. Even more reason to create a porcelain oasis that resonates with good memories of time well spent.


Our goal at Horizon Italian Tile is to provide our customers with materials to help you create the quintessential, personal design you envision. We can help you create a pool and patio area that will have a stunning, seamless elegance for years to come.


We invite you to visit us online or come by one of our showrooms to discover for yourself why Horizon customers continue to choose our expertise and know-how of Italian porcelain stoneware and tile. Our enthusiastic, well-informed specialists will guide you through the exquisite porcelain choices that only Horizon Italian Tile offers.


Contact us today and share your ideas with us about your project. We can set an appointment to meet and show you around. We love meeting our customers and collaborating on how you can achieve something unique, that reflects your personal style with ultimate taste. Let us hear from you soon!