April 10, 2020

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Thanks to the versatility of SICISproducts, Horizon Italian Tile is able to transform everyday walls into something elegant and colorful.

Today Horizon would like to introduce our new collection of backlit panels, combined with mosaic or patterned glass.

Widely customizable – SICIS backlit mosaics can be mounted on an LED panel (fit to size) up to 47”x118.” The walls are capable of giving warmth and personality to every space. The unique patterns and designs are enhanced by the light, making each design the absolute protagonist.

SICIS mosaics are simple geometries of cut glass that combine to entice the viewer. Designed in a way that rethinks how surfaces for living in contemporary architecture are used. The ability to be back lit changes perception and texture, giving an unexpected and spectacular point of view.

The Horizon Italian Tile team can work with you to find your perfect mosaic design. Lets get creative!