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Inspired in the Terrazzo original from Venice XV century.

We present you a state of the art product, with embedded glass looking fragments within a porcelain body, visual continuity for a perfect match to any space.

Two very different trends:

“Color Drops” for those of you fancy and more forward
“Natural Drops” for the most classy and elegant choice

Available Colors:

Natural Off White, Natural Grey, Natural Beige, Natural Taupe, Natural Graphite, Bit Decor Grey, Bit Decor Taupe, Bit Decor Graphite, Rhombus Decor Grey, Rhombus Decor Taupe, Rhombus Decor Graphite, Off White Colors, Grey Colors, Graphite Colors

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Available Finishes:





Walls, Floors

Important Notes:

Nominal Sizes, See PDF for Technical and Install guides

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