Tradition Decor 2 Warm
Tradition Decor 2 Grey
Tradition Decor Mix Grey
Tradition Decor Mix Warm
Cement Lead
Cement Grey
Cement Aqua
Cement Warm
Cement Off White
Band Decor Warm
Tradition Decor 1 Warm
Tradition Decor 1 Grey
Loop Decor Warm
Loop Decor Grey
Pattern Decor Warm
Pattern Decor Grey




How about versatile porcelain just as apt for your floors as for your walls?
Freedom of choice to install in any space, square shaped in 7″x7″ to dress any floor or wall.

More Than Floors… Could be walls and also the story around your whole living space, with the charm and warmth of an cement soul inside a trendy designed porcelain body.


Available Colors:

Pattern Decor Grey, Pattern Decor Warm, Loop Decor Grey, Loop Decor Warm, Tradition Decor 1 Grey, Tradition Decor 1 Warm, Tradition Decor 2 Grey, Tradition Decor 2 Warm, Tradition Decor Mix Warm, Tradition Decor Mix Grey, Play Decor Grey, Play Decor Warm, Cement Off White, Cement Warm, Cement Aqua, Cement Grey, Cement Lead

Available Sizes:


Available Finishes:





Walls, Floors

Important Notes:

Nominal Sizes, See PDF for Technical & Install Guides

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