Wall Tile

Made specifically for the wall, the NanoFantasy, Origin, and One series tile offers a unique approach to decor. Where tile is typically reserved for bathroom or kitchen floors, these wall tile series throw caution to the wind with living spaces in mind. Consider some of these selections for your home office or bedroom accent wall.

Due to its light weight and dimensionality, the NanoFantasy series kicks open the door to creative wall tile applications. NanoFantasy’s texture makes this wall tile incredibly useful and attractive in a number of applications, from retail walls, to home bathrooms, to business accent walls. Available in six neutral colors and a variety of full and partial patterns, this wall tile is a great way to finish any project.

With the Origin wall tile series, you can choose a classic design, or make your own. Do away with wallpaper and use Origin wall tile instead, building your own pattern as you go. Available in polished and matte finishes, Origin comes in four neutral colors and trim pieces are available as well, equipping you with all the ingredients needed to finish projects with a classic touch.

If you’re looking for a subtle touch, but still want the visual pop of wall tile, the One series is what you need. Available in 2-inch by 20-inch and 4-inch by 20 tile sizes, the One series comes in six neutral colors and an array of options for wall application and pattern. Use it in the bathroom as a wrapping backsplash spilling from the shower, or out in a main room on an accent wall.

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