Wall Cladding

Whether used indoors to spruce up an old fireplace, or outdoors to increase your home’s curb appeal, make a striking first impression with wall cladding. Select V Tile for a dimensional effect in natural stone, or choose Newstone or Pulpis for a natural stone look paired with the durability of porcelain tile. Available in over 20 colors, wall cladding a great choice to add a visual pop to your designs.

Choose from Crescent V, Newstone, Pulpis and V Tile available in multiple sizes and dozens of colors and textures ready to complete any interior or exterior architectural project.

Available in Silver Quartzitic Slate, Sutra Black and Sandstone Mint, the Crescent V Tile series offer a curved surface in an individual wedge that’s great for vertical or horizontal wall applications.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Newstone series is a stone-looking porcelain tile that adds texture and dimension to any project. At ⅜ inch thick and available in a 24 x 24 wall tile, the Newstone series features a wavy pattern that’s available in 10 grey, white, and beige colors.

If you love the look of natural stone, but want a deep linear texture, check out the Pulpis series. Made from durable porcelain, Pulpis offers a stone appearance in a tassellato textured finish that’s available in ⅜ inch thickness and six colors. If you desire real natural stone, the V Tile series is perfect. Built like the wedged Crescent V, the V Tile series comes in six colors, ¾ thickness, and multiple sizes for a multitude of horizontal and vertical cladding patterns.

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