Patterned Tile

Let your imagination run wild with our patterned and textural tile designs. Choose from nine different styles and dozens of different colors for your home or office, floors or wall. Make your home’s entrance grand with a patterned floor, or add a touch of intrigue to your business with a textured wall along the stairs. For a completely unique approach, try the leather appeal of Matouche in a bedroom or master bath.

Choose from Contemporary Stone, Feel, Flair, Flow, Heritage, Hydraulic, Matouche, One, and Urban Wood tile style and make any architectural design pop!

Looking for something delicate and simple? Check out the Feel series. This porcelain stoneware comes in eight striking colors, a myriad of sizes, and ⅜ inch thickness. This linear patterned tile provides a timeless look that works well in commercial and residential settings.

Available in three patterns and three solids, the Heritage tile series comes in hexagonal shapes that you can mix and match to create any pattern you desire. Pair solids with patterns, create a striking runner in the shower, or make the classic white-and-black checkered floor with Heritage.

Do you love leather? Have you ever wished your bedroom or bathroom floor could have a leathery appeal to it? Look no further than the Matouche tile series. Available in nine colors (two of which are Croc patterned), Matouche offers a natural leather look in a hearty porcelain tile. It’s versatile too; you can use Matouche on floors and walls for a uniquely textural look.

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