Minimal Tile Looks

From the classically modern Acustico to the autochromatic Cromie, maximize your style with our minimal tile. Our tile flooring and wall tile application, take your designs to the next level with minimalist looks that provide more texture, saturation and color range than presumed upon first glance.

Choose from Acustico, Blocks, Contemporary Stone, Cromie, Flow, Gate, Kerlite Ultra Thin Plus Over, Nanofantasy, One, Smart, Solid Colors and More styles of tile, available in multiple sizes, dozens of colors, and textures, and bring your Italian floor tile projects to amazing completion.

Looking for a smooth, minimal style? The ironically named More series provides just that without gaudy frills. Available in 12 colors, the More series offers ⅜ inch thickness and is perfectly for any large or small architectural project. If More didn’t quite have the shade of grey you’re seeking, try Solid Colors, a series of 15 contemporary beiges and greys in warm and cool hues and ⅜ inch thickness.

The Flow series offers a contemporary shade-on-shade variation in well-performing porcelain available in six colors. Or choose Acustico if you love the classic terracotta look. Available in two finishes, multiple size options and five colors, Acustico is perfect for walls and floors. If you seek a minimalist concrete look for your tile flooring, try the Gate series, available in seven colors and in sizes as large as 30” x 60”. Select the One series for the tradition of Italian terracotta floor tile paired with the modern feel of cement, made out of porcelain. Available in seven colors, One tile offers slight variations and is ⅜ inch thick.

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