Porcelain Slabs

From the Kerlite Ultra Thin tile series to the Doghe series, our thin tiles are perfect for renovations. Because it is so light and well-suited for tile-over-tile installations, and is useful as wall cladding, thin tile is great to quickly add new life to that old house or building. Choose thin porcelain tile that looks like concrete, wood, marble, limestone and other material selections and in an array of colors and textures.

Choose from Kerlite Exedra Marbles, Kerlite Plus Elegance, Kerlite Plus Oaks, Kerlite Plus Over, Kerlite Ultra Thin Buxy, and Doghe thin tile styles.

Want the look of marble for a fraction of the cost? The Kerlite Exedra Marble series offers exactly that in a ⅛ inch or 5/16 inch thin tile available in seven colors. The series has movement and variation similar to that of marble, and the strength and durability of porcelain. Get yours in a high polish, and your guests and clients will never know the difference!

For that natural limestone look, try the Kerlite Plus Elegance thin tile series. Available in ⅛ inch ultra thin thickness, this Kerlite porcelain series features minimal variation and movement in four neutral colors. Kerlite doesn’t disappoint in the wood style either, with Kerlite Plus Oaks. Available in four contemporary colors, this thin tile is ⅛ inch thick and provides a perfect hardwood floor look.

Kerlite has basically cornered the market on thin tile, offering many versatile selections that can be applied over already installed tile. During your next renovation project, skip hours of floor demolition, or create a new interior wall by cladding with Kerlite thin tile.

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