Glass Tile & Mosaics

From the fashion forward Allure glass tile series to the distinctive Waveline Mini glass mosaic series, Horizon Italian Tile offers options to add a classic yet modern touch to any project. Create a new contemporary backsplash in the kitchen, or emphasize an accent wall with a stylish glass mosaic pattern. The possibilities are endless!

Choose from Allure, Hoshi, Palms and Waveline Mini tile series to complete any architectural projects with a touch of modern elegance.

Want to customize a completely new pattern? Use the Hoshi series to accomplish the task! Available in 16 different colors, including yellow, violet and teal, Hoshi should catch the eye of any designer looking for a creative way to inject color into a project. Mounted on mesh, the glazed porcelain wall mosaic is easy to install, and the available vivid colors makes on-the-fly pattern customization even more fun.

Available in six lively colors, the Palms tile series breaks the zig-zag pattern then picks up and reassembles the pieces in a new way. These chevron-shaped tiles are ⅜ inch thick and are ready to be placed in any pattern you see fit. Choose the tile in Pure Silk, Stratos, Smoke, Sand, Spring and Lagoon colors.

If you’re looking for a stylish way to add a pattern to a project, look no further than the Waveline Mini series. Stepping away from the common square, the Waveline Mini series features a distinctive shape in six different colors. Available in 12-inch by 12-inch tiles, this series redefines mosaic and is perfect for any project requiring a modern yet classic touch.

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