Nine stone interpretations in varying surface finishes, in a widely usable color palette for interior and exterior applications.

Stone Mix



Drawing inspiration from nature while delivering the technical quality of porcelain, eliminating “defects” creating the perfect balance of color and vein patterns in 6 variations of stone looks.


Taiga is reminiscent of woodland environment, offering colors that evoke natural surroundings. Four seasonal colors define contemporary living with porcelain tile.




Root is an oak wood effect with a hand planed undulated finish creates a warm welcome feel in porcelain tile.

V Tile




V Tile is a natural stone wall cladding shaped like a wedge, creating dimensional quality. Available in several different natural stones and in different lengths and widths, the possibilities for patterns are vast.

Uniform Cladding

Slender strips of stone finished with a distinct hand chipped surface are placed in an interlocking format to create seamless stone surfaces. Combining modern shapes and rugged surfaces to create dramatic finishes for premier walls and vertical surfaces.

Slat Tile

The 2×12 Slat Tile is an elegant stone strip with an angled relief cut across the width rather than the length, as in the Vtile. Distintict wall patterns can be created through flipping and offsetting individual tiles in ongoing patterns accross a surface.





Hexagonal shapes in  three pattern options that create a handmade vintage look, Heritage offers variety in pairing solids and patterns creating unique flooring and wall options.

Rustic Cladding

Rustic Cladding is distinguished by the natural textured relief created by juxtaposing wedge strips of stone against each other. It’s uneven surface, combined with the subtle color variations, make it an ideal product to use as part of any wall or surface that you want to receive extra special attention. Rustic Cladding installations are often described as if stone has been woven across a wall.


Revived wood in renewed essences, just like plywood, a new wooden texture in 4 different essences. As reconstructed wood, it is adaptable to different porcelain uses, as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or commercial spaces; as plywood is reinterpreted through its different layers. Woodlines is an industrialized product, with a strong unique character. Realized with latest digital technology to create geometric and three dimensional shapes, different from usual production standards. Woodlines easily integrates itself with other materials or other ceramic surfaces: the idea of a wood digitally transferred on ceramic, can be used just like plywood, to richen a mood style in any project.






A blend of natural stones creating a modern color palette in modern rectangular shapes makes Vision a beautiful selection for your interior project. On 12×12 mesh.


Details Wood

Warm, simple but elegant, the Details Wood range enhances any space with its color variations. The light gently brings out details of a rich tactile material that calls to mind sensations of natural surroundings. The sizes, in combination with each other give personality to the rooms they are laid in,  adapting to desires and aesthetic solutions that may differ according to architectural setting  or aspects of contemporary taste. There are 5 colors in this series, drawn from simple but attractive range of hues: some of them with a 2cm thickness can be used in the outdoor spaces of the house recreating the same atmosphere as indoors.

Island Timber

Salvaged from ancient Indonesian buildings and reborn in exquisite modern wall panels and cladding, Island Timber offers authentic premier Indonesian teak in clean formats designed to be easily applied to walls.





The beauty of white marble with the low maintenance of a porcelain tile. Touche’ is a 6mm  thin tile available in a large format versatile for many applications.

Hexagon Mosaics




Natural stone hexagon mosaics 1 7/8″ x 1 7/8″ on a mesh mounted sheet in a variety of stones in honed and polished finishes.


Not simply a surface:  Layers most distinctive feature is its resistance, but at the same time it brings to mind a softness and delicacy. Touching the surface allows you to appreciate its subtle dimensional nature. Highlighting traces of layers of materials mixed with design that fuse together to create a pattern combining design and technology. In fusion with the world of fashion, allowing beauty to bring new life and essential design.


Materials bear the tracks of time. Fade combines a cement look with aged, worn stone-like textures, evoking past memories and the nostalgia of bygone times.
A worn look is achieved through an eroded surface and the visible tracks of time. The impression
of gradual handcrafted repairs and alterations has been combined with trend-setting neutral colours, perfect for creating avant-garde settings with all the essence and flavour of the past.
Fade comes in a natural or non-slip natural finish. Available in a 39×39 or 19×39  6mm slimline format and 24×24 or 12×24 format of a conventional thickness, it comes in a choice of 3 colours: Crema, Piedra and Plomo.

Metal Style

The name of the series emphasizes the concept of metal as a stylistic choice, and the names of the three finishes, Corten, Revival and Calamine are synonymous with the intrinsic characteristics of each. Corten is chosen because it is one of the most widely used in architecture and in the design world. Its distinctive look is of naturally weathered, rusted iron, which features effects of striking beauty.  Revival, with the look of timeworn sheet metal, for interiors with strongly vintage, sophisticated design schemes. Calamine, rolled iron fresh from the rolling mill, with all the same marks typical of freshly processed iron.



Limestone porcelain stoneware incorporates the look of hand hewn stone, while providing a much desired rectified edge. 4 compact, elegant stones shaped by nature. Their exceptional solidity derives from the heat of underground fusion and the extremely high pressure of unique, varied conglomerates.  Available in two finishes and completing the line with multiple decorative pieces, Limestone is a series fitting for any project.


Steam Wood

The wood effect at its finest. The warm, authentic touch of steam-treated wood. The extreme versatility of the four sizes, which can be combined with one another. The strong commercial appeal of perfect flooring is an elegant, modern option every time. For every beautifully designed setting, there’s a Steamwood solution.


Texture porcelain tile is a journey throughout geometry. Three colors with modern, clean lines creating the look of texture and pattern. Lights, shadows, full and empty. Artistic and cultural expression for you to discover thru space and architecture. Capable of inspiring and surprising you, Texture is unique yet remaining neutral with its movement and shading. For commercial, residential, and hospitality projects.




Waveline Mini




Waveline Mini glass mosaic steps away from the common square to offer a modern look to glass mosaics. Distinctive in shape, Waveline Mini is a perfect choice for creating a stylish look to any project.



99Volte offers a unique appearance blending the look of concrete with the handcrafted finish of terracotta. Produced in 7 neutral colors and 7 distinct sizes, the possibilities of creating a unique pattern utilizing colors and sizes are boundless.




Classic wall tile with a twist. Origin is a handcrafted look, offering two finishes and several decorative options. Trim pieces are also available.

I Travertini

I Travertini:  Unusual, striking combinations, layers of life-experience – both old and modern – and precious elements cohabiting perfectly with recycled items, create an atmosphere that tells a very definite story: a contrasting duality clearly expressing specific identities.  The culture of past times takes a fresh look at the present: everything is connected, and a subtle, authentic thread really takes us back to an allure that is timeless.


Cast Iron



A product that recreates the authenticity, colors and textures of the steel foundry technique, using the latest technology to create a technical and esthetic porcelain with exceptional features.

The collection is presented in three colors , OXIDUM, WHITE and BLACK, available in 24×48 , 12×48 , 24×24, 12×24 sizes, and in PATINATO finish together with the new three-dimensional shapes , STAR and INSIDE.


Inspired by traditional and contemporary design, a simple mix that gives character to the environment, with neutral and pastel color palette that makes the living space particularly refined and valued: DeTails Wall Tile. Details with its innovative shapes, makes ceramics a real and true furnishing element able to answer both the requirements of a traditional public and for who wants to dare.





Hoshi is a glazed porcelain wall mosaic with endless possibilities. The mesh mounted pattern enables the customization during installation, creating fun combinations with patterns.  Custom patterns are also available.





Allure consists of four fashion forward geometric patterns in classic stones, designed for modern living.

*Due to the wide range of sizes and patterns, please contact your rep for additional dimensions, stock levels, and information.



A decidedly modern interpretation of the warm surfaces created by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen, enhanced by the large size and a carefully chosen colour assortment. The most exquisite craftsmanship tradition updated by ground-breaking technology.

Craftsmanship meets contemporary design

*image shown of patterned tiles reflects one square meter, or 10.76 SF. Please contact your rep for additional information.


With a look of reclaimed painted wood, Marks porcelain tile series creates  a shabby-chic effect- unique for contemporary styled commercial or residential projects. Options allow combining the tone on tone Maori decorative tile with field tile, or using both on their own provides versatility in this bold movement tile.


**images below show Marks field tile blended with the Maori decorative tile options**

Beach Glass



With a surface inspired by the beauty of glass tumbled by the sea, Beach Glass offers a rich, natural pallet of colors that vary from soft and subtle to powerful and vibrant. 4×4, 4×8, with trim pieces, and coordinating mosaics in a variety of patterns.


Subway Lab: A counterpart to the WOW series. Redefining the vision of space: elegant and subtle, yet contemporary.

The Earth is Not Flat


Collection of salvaged varnished wood, with scratches and marks left by wear. Damage caused by time and the contrast between the original gloss of the varnished finish and the matt effect of the marks left by constant use tug at the heart-strings. Offered in 4 natural colours, cenere/caffè/nero/bianco L’H is a collection destined to bestow originality and warmth on refined, sophisticated design schemes.


WOW Floor Tile

Excellence is in small details, therefore, we have a floor solution with the same essence and soul of our WOW wall tile collection- coherent spaces, chromatically balanced with matching high quality for wall and floor surfaces. To achieve such a desired perfection, we present three different modulating floor shapes, matching in colors and combinable between them. This allows endless original compositions and ensures at the same time each space own exclusivity. Wow floors are surprising and versatile. Porcelain body art, apt for any application: exterior use as well as residential and commercial .And again… unexpected surfaces!


Glam up your backsplash, shower, or feature wall with this glossy glass 1×4 herringbone mosaic. In stock!

Sheet size: 9″ x 11 1/2″


Crafted: urban look, retro flavor

The beauty of hand crafted clay, the charm of timeless bricks and our passion on display. Crafted is a carefully curated collection of ceramic wall tile with a handcrafted feel. Dynamic black and white motifs, the glam of metallic, classic white.


For the first time in the ceramic tile sector, this series reconsiders the traditional use of plaster, a material with many applications in architecture and building, but not as a floor or wall covering. The amazing final effect is a unique balance of outcomes in which the gauze, fundamental as a binder for the plaster, can be glimpsed, with colours skilfully faded to reveal the plaster’s natural hue.





A new dimension in porcelain tile, Newstone provides the look of natural stone, in a porcelain tile.  With the added dimensional 24×24 wall tile, Newstone is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

View All Dimensional Tile


Grasse: Clean and contemporary wood look porcelain tile with subtle wood grain movement.

C+D Linear



Classic Subway Tile available in a variety of rectangular sizes,  and colors  including specialty BRIGHT colors: Red, Turquoise, Sapphire, Citron  to name a few.



A minimal series where the elegant matte of concrete and sobriety of natural wood meet the shine and richness of majolica. Textured porcelain NEEDLE features a unique tactile finish.


In-depth research into materials and visual effects to reproduce the sensations of precious quarry marble surfaces, bringing life to surfaces with great depth and luminosity. The digital decoration technology has successfully developed the typical colours and shading of the most classic marbles, reproducing their characteristic variability on porcelain stoneware.


Travertine finishings have always been a symbol of exclusivity and appreciated for its high aesthetic value. Rift updates this surface’s characteristic veins and the structure of natural stone with a new chromatic concept that adds a special, unique and unrepeatable beauty.

BackStage Thin Tile

Backstage is inspired by the wood of the theatre stage, accustomed to being the centre of attention and under the spotlight. Beautiful and with great attention to detail like the best actors, it is ready to play a leading role within the sets of modern and metropolitan interior design.



Kerlite Plus Over



Kerlite Ultra Thin tile in the Over series invokes the look of concrete, with minimal movement and variation, offering a neutral color palette for any project. Suited for tile over tile installation, and interior/exterior wall cladding, Kerlite Ultra Thin tile is perfect for renovations and a versatile choice in porcelain.

Kerlite Plus Oaks




Kerlite Ultra Thin tile in the Oaks series invokes the beauty of wood in a clean, contemporary color palette,  Suited for tile over tile installation, and interior/exterior wall cladding, Kerlite Ultra Thin tile is perfect for renovations and a versatile choice in porcelain.

White Tile Bathroom Countertop


Petra is inspired by natural limestone formations, authentic natural works of art. Tiles conspicuous for the warmth and beauty of nature’s random patterns, their movement and subtle textures and the collection’s large format combines to charm living spaces.

Kerlite Plus Elegance




Kerlite Ultra Thin tile in the Elegance series invokes the look of natural limestone, with minimal movement and variation, offering a neutral color palette for any project. Suited for tile over tile installation, and interior/exterior wall cladding, Kerlite Ultra Thin tile is perfect for renovations and a versatile choice in porcelain.

Kerlite Buxy




Kerlite Ultra Thin tile in the Buxy series invokes the look of natural limestone, with minimal movement and variation, offering a neutral color palette for any project. Suited for tile over tile installation, and interior/exterior wall cladding, Kerlite Ultra Thin tile is perfect for renovations and a versatile choice in porcelain.

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