Tele di Marmo

A tribute to the most notable materials, suitable for enhancing spaces with elegance and architectural strength, Tele di Marmo is a reinterpretation through unconventional sizes, finishes, and decorative elements. Four different marbles find their highest expression in the sizes of large slabs. The fluid movement, colors, and nuances make this collection a work of art, giving life and form to tailor made architectural projects.


Embracing ancestral ‘Zellige” art and the antique terracotta charms.

Zellige walls are a tribute to the North African Zellige craftsmanship, treasured from one generation to another.

Proposed are vibrant translucent colours with 12 blended shades for each one, surface textures and shaped backs for your walls; in combination with Chateau floors, inspired in graceful French terracotta, century old beauty of clay in chalky colours, embellished by the passage of time.

BAGNO bathroom tile

Encaustic 2.0

Inspired from traditional encaustic tile, with modern patterns and colors. Bold black and white, striking blue, and versatility for any project- residential or commercial.


Travertine marble is one of nature’s most beautiful fine quality stones, used as a decorative feature since time immemorial.

Geo collection, available in a variety of large formats in 6mm thickness, is inspired by travertine marble, showing off its gentle linear veins to superb effect.



White Tile Living Room Wall

I Classici

I Classici provides great personalization to any space, a play of strong contrasts to create an uncompromising design. The rigid purity of the marble blends with the varnished effect of a modern wood.  Sheets in full body porcelain stoneware, available in classic 5 marble variations, give life to architecture.

Deco Wood inspiration is taken from wood retrieved from old sailing craft seasoned by the hot sun and cold winters of Northern Europe. Natural imperfection becomes perfect in its essence, never repeated and laden with visions that improve with time.


Wonderwall, works of art in Kerlite; artistic wall decoration meets ultra-thin porcelain tile: countless ideas to transform spaces in an exciting way.  Fabulous decorations with texture and elegant design, using new and exclusive technology achieving high quality aesthetic and chromatic results, superior to those achieved by standard technology used in the tile industry.  Porcelain slabs are thin and light like wallpaper yet strong, resistant to humidity, safe and guaranteed to last over time, perfect for projects seeking to give architectural spaces a unique, prestigious feel.


Ceramic tile petal ice white

Second Skin

Specially oriented towards Architecture, Second Skin is an architectural vision of traditional ceramic.
Play with the light and shadow projected from the three Dimentional shapes and their Illumination. Where ceramic in essence, is the absolute main character together with the natural beauty of delightful glazes and a lush touch.

WOW is the most complete 3D collection in the market. Trend setting, with a great variety of shapes and all the special pieces needed to give to any space the final exquisite  touch.

The Earth is not Flat!


Light surface wefts convey the feeling of a collection inspired by modernity. Clean, and refined, available in 5 neutral colors options in 32″x32″ format.


Tangram: in the tradition of the Chinese game to interlock, build up and break down geometric forms, the basis for infinite installation layouts. Attractive, unconventional effects run across the surface enriching the most innovative design schemes.


NanoConcept is an elegantly simple stone look porcelain tile, available with subtle crosshatch and linear patterning which allows for endless combinations in size, color, and pattern.

“Simplicity is the key for true elegance.” – Coco Chanel



Dimensional Italian Tile Flooring


SHADEBOX is a “collection-box” which combines a measured and  elegant urban style through carefully selected colors: five warm grays emphasizing its modernity and adaptability to the most topical aesthetic needs . The available palette of colors flows into the color system called “Shade”, on which different materials are developed. Yet these materials can be matching, inside a unique architectural design playing with the essences (wood, resin, majolica) the solutions of use in different environments and application areas (residential and commercial, private and public), while maintaining consistent uniformity and continuity of tone.



Usual VS unusual, elegant VS vibrant, contemporary VS classic: OPEN porcelain marble look tile

Ideally a tennis match played on a court made of marble, whose boundary lines are drawn by yellow FLUO lines. A dynamic and liberating project – more than a collection, OPEN becomes an emblem of an alternative way of thinking , no longer bound by rigid preconceptions . The elegance of a Cippollino marble LUCE- eternal and prestigious -revisited in a POP culture, contaminated with flashes of yellow FLUO.



 +3:  a collection with daring combinations and mixes of materials, such as concrete and paper, emphasised by the large 100x100cm slabs. +3 Concrete and Paper will amaze you with its experimentation, trendiness and exclusive chic. Originality is reinforced by a daring, unexpected combination. Severe, sober concrete has been twinned with paper, a completely different material, with an original pattern and two shades toning with the concrete colours. The new feature of the Paper collection is that paper is viewed from a vertical perspective. The random, untidy accumulation of heaps of sheets, magazines, books and cards creates a striking original decorative effect.



A legacy of the great Renaissance glory, the Chevron collection is reminiscent of old wood parquet floor tile, with slats arranged in imposingly elegant patterns, referred to as Hungarian Herringbone or point d’hongrie and the chevron. An extraordinary technique that was also frequently used in the great halls of Versailles adds a touch of prestige to any room.  One size only (15×60) is available which means that only two tiles placed side by side are needed to create a full chevron layout.

2 pieces are in each carton, completing the chevron pattern.

Chevron porcelain tile is an everyday masterpiece.


Terzo Tempo

In five new, warm, modern colors, stone is teamed with wood in common use, creating a more uniform relationship between the two materials. Providing original, striking results in both lines and colors, Terzo Tempo creates a clean, classic warmth to any project.


The travertine effect of Tale porcelain series combines the elegance of natural stone and the strength and resistance of porcelain tile to meet any design need. If you love the warmth and elegance of natural stone, the travertine effect porcelain tile allows for the creation of original floors in residential and commercial spaces in a mix of tradition and contemporary style. Contact us today for pricing on our floor tile.



Touch: Style your size, Style your color

Six patterns, available in 2 sizes and 7 color options.

Use creativity to mix and match sizes and patterns for floor tile and wall tile.




Martis: A unique blend of wood and stone in a plank format, offered in 4 neutral colors, in stock in 8×48.

White Experience

Beyond marble, beyond the surface: matter is expressed in new forms, to envelope spaces in an intensity never seen before.White Experience is the extraordinary made possible. Spazzolato: a sophisticated mechanical process reproduces the undulating, translucent surface finish of old marble floors. Thanks to the matching in/out floor coverings, White Experience is the ideal material for maintaining seamless continuity of look  between indoors and out.

7 SURFACES. FLOOR TILE + WALL TILE Porcelain stoneware for floor tiles and also an ideal wall covering: an extraordinary variety of surfaces reveals the unexpected potential of a timeless material.

The extraordinary made possible.


Cornerstone offers its own unique interpretation of stones of the world based on a fresh vision and new reproduction technologies. Distinctive forms and geological rarities collected from the four corners of the planet are used to create a stone collection with a unique identity. Clean surfaces obtained from quarry-hewn stone reveal details of astonishing variety. Italy, Switzerland, Africa, and Brazil- interpreted in porcelain stoneware for your project.


The Forma collection reproduces the fusion between concrete and metal particles from metal plates used in the formwork. A finish that respects the originality of the referent material and adds the reflections of the metals. The collection in its two finishes and different sizes provides us the possibility of increasing the space sense without losing the practice and naturalness of the material. The collection is complemented with new 3D pieces like the new hexagon decor for floor tile and the new mosaico brick for walls. In addition, the 12×36 size with a thickness of 5 mm and illusion decor supplement the posibility of wall covering of the collection.



Kotto is the outcome of a simple idea, rooted in tradition and the origin of the material and transformed to create new interiors with a modern flavour and attractive design. In every size, Kotto highlights the variation that originates from the transformed clay, the skilful hand-crafting of the tile, the mould and the firing process, conserving the material’s most intimate structure. Subtle shades with the warm hues of the natural clay, or the pigmented or whitewashed material, give a warm, elegant, timeless vibrancy.


WOW: A contemporary and architectural vision of traditional ceramic.  Redefining the vision of space; elegant and subtle yet contemporary, whilst maintaining the qualities of ceramic: durability and resistance.

Freedom of creativity | Let your imagination soar | The earth is not flat





BlendArt combines the timeworn appearance of painted wood planks, while using a contemporary color palette creating an industrial chic effect in porcelain stoneware. The character of real wood with the durability and easy maintenance of porcelain.

Urban Wood



Reclaimed wood turns shabby chic and is transformed into an ultramodern and trendy decorative feature. Layers of old paint surface from the past, but with a new glow creating a warm and cozy mood in shades of beige and cream. URBAN_WOOD: The new wood-effect porcelain stoneware



Marble effect porcelain tiles in the Anima new collection reproduce the world’s finest marbles: Calacatta Oro, Statuario Venato, Grey st. Laurent, Graphite,Marfil, Dark Emperador…

Anima places 6 inspirational marble types and 3 surfaces finishes at the disposal of every project need, in order to transform spaces with an exclusive and sought-after charm.




Trace is inspired by materials used in the great works of architecture and monuments of the past, recreating their colours for a unique and precious look. The colour of bronzed metal and the opacity of cement are the elements of history and innovation that, centuries ago, created our present.  Trace is available in 6 colors representing these unique elements.

Contemporary Stone





Simple composition, clean contemporary lines and neutral colors. Contemporary Stone evokes traditional industrial flooring for floor tile with its versatility and functional minimalism. Designed for residential and commercial projects.



Crescent V Tile




Crescent V Tiles are individual wedges with a curved surface and honed finish that can be set in various unique horizontal or vertical patterns. The product can be laid both horizontally or vertically in various offset patterns.





Developed in the South of France in the middle of the 19th century, it was used as typical flooring until the beginning of the 1960s in the 20th century. Hydraulic is based on that style of architecture. 4 designs: Black, Grey, Blue, and Patchwork.  Hydraulic uses classic features to enhance contemporary living.

*Patchwork includes 27 different patterns to create a unique overall design.





The Talya Collection is a refined study of designs using marble and stone, intertwining into lacework and modern geometries. The collection is formal and casual, elegant and understated. This soothing palette has nuances that make it easy to work with, and fits easily into any traditional or modern environment.

*Due to the uniqueness of every pattern, please consult with your Horizon representative for exact dimensions and additional details on stone options.*





Retro is a contemporary revisit of the highly popular floors of the past. The renditions of natural stone from the Dolomite mountains is suitable for commercial and residential applications.


Esssential, contemporary, industrial: cement is the inspiration behind Chrome, a collection that reprises the nuances of sand and mixed gravel. Neutral, subtly nuanced backdrops, dusty colors and special formats exude material presence, while mineral fragments and sheen and a sense of time worn surfaces.

Budget friendly in a 20″x40″ large format- call your rep today for more information!







Thin, lightweight, and dimensional.  Nanofantasy wall tile offers multiple combinations of smooth and textured tiles in a varied neutral palette.  Full textured pattern in 12×36, partial pattern in 6×36, and flat or solid color in 12×36 are all available.




Aextra20 consists of single-piece porcelain stoneware slabs, perfectly squared and rectified with 20mm thickness (3/4″)  with anti-slip surface finish.  Aextra20 is the perfect solution for any outdoor flooring.  The broad colour range and the complete set of trims allow to meet any planning need.





Slab porcelain tile is a cost effect series offering hIgh quality product made in Italy; perfect combination of technology, aesthetics, and functionality.





One: Traditional terracotta and the contemporary mood of cement combined in porcelain tile. Characterized by warm hues, emphasizing the vintage feel with elegant contemporary charm.





Acustico: a modern take on classic Italian terracotta tile with evolution and style. With two finish options: traditional terracotta finish and natural finish typical of contemporary porcelain tile, and multiple sizes, Acustico creates endless possibilities for floors and walls in porcelain tile.


Zero Design




Concept: Sand and its stone of origin are the same thing but occur in Nature with diametrically opposed structures: one soft, the other hard.  Zero Design brings the natural effect of sand and stone in porcelain stoneware.  With the ability to mix the two, in multiple sizes and finishes, the possibilities are unlimited.





Inspired by traditional wood and characterized by strong chromatic and graphic shading, Travel is the perfect solution for those who love the warmth of natural wood, but designer the function and technical performance in porcelain tile.




Back2Back uses distinctive features of natural stone, highlighting the face (front) and the concealed underside (back) revealing minute details. Two sides of the same coin, with different personalities.





The world of wood contains an almost infinite wealth of species, varying from area to area. Millelegni offers four types of wood from different regions of the world representing their patterning and surfaces: Italy (Noce), Canada (White), Scotland (Scottish Oak), Japan (Grey)





Breaking beyond the classic zig zag design, Palms creates a modern pattern that will enliven any project.

Stone Box




Stone Box faithfully reproduces the grain of natural stone,based on a selection of 36 different types of stone, blended together for superb colour harmony that gives sustained rhythm to the varying patterns.




Dynamic color and pattern create ART porcelain tile. The look of cement tile with the durability of porcelain.




Verse is a design interpretation inspired by nature, offering a variety of natural stone veining and movement, while creating a perfect balance of each natural element in porcelain tile.


Stone Talk

Stone Talk: A complete collection of elements that creates a harmonious dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces. In a color range of 5 shades where white is the element that by contrast and complementary nature combines with both warm shades and cold tones.


Foussana: Modern design, elegance, avant-garde style in a time worn stone look porcelain.

Uniqueness. Slight chromatic variations and slender heights of the stone. Ideal for any environment, creating dynamic feature walls with dimensional options and variety of field tile sizes.





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