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Ancient Tile Work from Around the World

Cultures across the world have used tile work as decorative architectural accents, as well as for surfaces upon which to walk. Modern tile work frequently appears on bathroom floors, on walls as decorative accents, and even on ceilings as a representation of pure artistic talent.

Some ancient civilizations where architects and artisans created amazing tile work and mosaics include ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and all the way back to prehistoric Iran. Incredibly, some of the tile work that was created thousands of years ago has remained on display to this day. Tile work commonly appeared on ancient mosques and cathedrals, as well as on residential homes.

Ancient Greek Tile Work & Mosaics

Like the Middle East and the Roman Empire, the Greeks would also cultivate exceptional artistry in tile flooring and wall mosaics. In fact, an ancient mosaic dating back to the 2nd century BC was recently uncovered by archaeologists in an area that was once the ancient Greek city of Zeugma. Incredibly, the 2007 discovery found that more than 2,000 homes were in good condition due to centuries spent buried under the water.

Similar to the development of mosaics and glass tile work within the Roman Empire, the Greeks would also transform their simple geometric mosaic patterns into portraits and pictures of real life objects, including animals, plants, and tools of the era. Those ancient, artistic traditions continue to this day.

Ancient Iranian Tile in Prehistoric Times

Decorative tile was used to create distinguished arts and architecture in Iran and was commonly used as part of the full range of decorative Iranian features like brickwork and stone carvings. Some of the earliest decorative tiles were used to cover monuments in ancient Iran, and patterned mosaics soon followed as the art evolved.

Early mosaics were often designed as intricate geometric patterns, and the art eventually started to feature trees, animals, and plants. One of the earliest mosaics ever found dates back to more than a thousand years BC and was created for a temple in Mesopotamia. Early tile work would eventually become more advanced as artisans began to use glazed bricks.

Roman Mosaics from Africa to Antioch

The mosaics and tile flooring of ancient Rome was found in many structures, including private homes and publicly accessible buildings. The mosaics, many of which are still in existence, offer a keen look into the talents of ancient artists, as well as the everyday lives of people living under the gaze of the Roman empire. To this day, Italian tile continues to exist as a world-renowned example of the art.

Italian mosaics were once made of small pebbles, and they were also crafted with pebbles in other cultures of the time, including the Minoan civilization on Crete and the Mycenaean civilization of Greece. The art of creating mosaics would come into its own around the 3rd Century BC when builders, architects, and artists would begin creating beautiful mosaics in intricate patterns, as well as of realistic portraits.

Install Glass Tile or Italian Tile in Your Home or Business

Horizon Italian Tile offers more than 20 years of experience in working with premier quarries and factories to offer our clients unique and beautiful mosaics and tile flooring. Contact us today to talk about your project and how we can help you create something beautiful for your residential or commercial space.

Architecture and Design Film Festival- NOLA 2016


AD Film Fest 2016

Horizon Italian Tile New Orleans is moving full speed ahead!

We are proud to announce our red carpet sponsorship for the 2016 Architecture and Design Film Festival in New Orleans, being held August 11-13.

film fest 2016 NOLA

Attendees will be treated to a series of design related films, speakers, and parties. Presented by the Louisiana Architectural Foundation, this festival will provide great opportunities for Horizon Tile to get to know a new design community in one of the most unique cities in America.

To learn more about the festival, click HERE

For Ticket Information, click HERE

As they say in New Orleans, “Laissez les bon temps rouler”, or “Let the good times roll!”

laissez les bons temps rouler



IIDA Product Runway 2016

IIDA Product Runway

IIDA Houston City Center’s Product Runway benefitting the Houston Furniture Bank commenced Friday April 22nd at Revention Music Center and Horizon was VERY well represented by a fantastic team of designers from PDR

Teams were revealed February 11th where designers from PDR were assigned the theme Cubism/Picasso for the Avant Art Fashion Show.

PDR pdr- product runway

About The EventProduct Runway is an avant-garde couture fashion design competition influenced by the concept of the hit realty TV show Project Runway.  Teams of interior design and architecture professionals participate in a fashion design competition creating handmade garments out of standard architectural finish materials such as glass, tile, carpet and wood.

Requirements:  Each of the 20 competing teams has been assigned one hard material and one soft material, which must collectively make up 80% of their final garment. With this year’s theme: Avant Art, each team will be assigned a specific art movement with a correlating artist, as well as a piece of work from their artist that shows a true representation of that particular movement. The majority of a completed garment (approx. 60%) must be made of their hard and soft goods that are as close to the team’s assigned art movement and artist.

Celebrating 20 Years!

We had a fun filled event celebrating 20 years of business at our anniversary party located at our recently remodeled warehouse showroom in June. With live music by the Def Points, an on-site pizza oven, and amazing barbecue, we celebrated our Italian Tile roots and our Texas boots!

Thank you to everyone who joined us! We look forward to the next twenty years serving the Texas design community!

Horizon Italian Tile 20th anniversary

Horizon Italian Tile 20th anniversary


Horizon Italian Tile 20th anniversary

Horizon Italian Tile 20th anniversary

Horizon Italian Tile 20th anniversary

Horizon Italian Tile 20th anniversary

Horizon Italian Tile 20th anniversary

Horizon Italian Tile 20th anniversary


Modern Bath Trends

We love all things design – especially design blogs- and is no exception. This article originally posted in 2014, has been trending again showcasing great images and ideas.

The Warmth of Wood

walnut bath   bath

ROOT_bagno_pepe1 1743_003_ambzoom

Playing with Pattern

YNR10038   originblack

OriginOverall36618 Allure2C

“Mix and Match” Tile

one_dec-1-2   Patchwork

The use of wood look tile EVERYWHERE is mentioned- including a variety of new offerings in landscape pavers.  Set in a bed of sand, or grass, these 3/4″ thick paver options in sizes up to 24×48 are perfect for your garden or outdoor living space.


Let us know how we can help you design your new project!

Adding Dimension

Looking for ways to add a new texture or dimension to your project? Stone cladding in modern shapes and finishes could be that “wow” factor you are seeking.

Large-Vtile_install-small Island-Stone-USA-Catalogue-2014_Large_sized_cropped-60

vtile ii tropical whiteIsland-Stone-USA-Catalogue-2014_Large_sized_cropped-58

Available in a variety of sizes and stones, the patterns and design possibilities are virtually endless.  Let us help you with your project! Visit our showrooms in Dallas and Houston

Holiday Hours

Horizon will be closing today at noon for our company wide Christmas party! We will be celebrating by eating Roast Beast. 🙂


We will resume normal business hours on Monday and Tuesday.

Holiday Hours:

CLOSED December 24th-26th  and December 31st- January 1st

Happy Holidays to you all!






It is that time of year, again!

We will be closed for inventory Thursday, December 11th and Friday, December 12th.

 We will resume normal business hours on Monday, December 15th.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Welcome to the NEW!


We are up and running and SO happy!

Welcome to the new, updated!

We hope you will find our new site easy to navigate so that you may find the perfect tile for your project. We will continue to add new products online daily, so please pardon our dust as we continue to bring you the best options in porcelain tile.

We would love to hear from you. Please let us know how we can assist you with your project.

Stone Box!

Stone Box has arrived!

This porcelain tile series was designed using a selection of 36 different types of stones offering a unique natural stone look with beautiful variation.
In stock in our Dallas warehouse in 4 neutral colors: Bright Grey, Sugar White, Tea Sand, and Black Ink
Sizes 18×36 and 6×36

COMPRESSED bright grey bagno

Click HERE for more info on this series

Cromie- Color Systems!

Munsell, Pantone, Natural Color Systems, Oh My!

As design aficianados we are familiar with the use of color systems, and Horizon now offers a tile series that was created with theNatural Color System in mind!Cromie
is a tile collection of Warm, Neutral and Cold colors using the NCS System
which is a “logical colour notation system which builds on how the human being sees colour. While other colour systems are based on arbitrary numeric series, NCS classification describes colours exactly as we see them and it is capable of giving an accurate notation to any of the 10 million colours we can perceive.”

NCS_Colour_Circle NCS_Colour_Triangle_Y10R

Using Color and Nuance, the NCS System is based on the six colors the human eye identifies as elementary: White (W) Black (S), Yellow (Y), Red (R), Blue (B) and Green (G)

COMPRESSED beside arancione

Using this system, Cromie offers colors with a chromatic relationship to the NCS System.


Click HERE to see the full color offering from this new collection!

You Look MARBLE-ous!

So, we have hinted around at the new larger formats that our factories are moving towards, but KERLITE has always been the largest! KERLITE is THE original thin tile and has been available thru Horizon for several years now.  Every year, KERLITE has increased its line by adding colors and new looks and Cersaie 2012 was no exception.

Introducing Kerlite Excedra Collection

Amadeus1_100x100 COMPRESSED Marfil_100x100 COMPRESSED Pulpis_100x100 COMPRESSED Calacatta1_100x100 COMPRESSED Travertino1_100x100 COMPRESSED

P9267488 Amadeus COMPRESSED

Not sure what size Kerlite is available in?
Slabs are 39″x118″ x 1/8″ THIN!



P9267484 Pulpis compressed

Available in 3 finishes: Natural, Soft, and Lux interior and exterior wall cladding tile over tile installations Flooring Shower walls Forget about demo and project downtime- tile over tile is the way to go!

Let us know how we can help you!

Dimensional Tile

Need to add a little dimension to your projects?

Check out our wall tile options that offer a variety of texture and dimension in both porcelain and natural stone for your interior AND exterior installations.

P9225407 P9225409

Color AND Dimension!


How about natural stone?

HIT 74 Rustic Cladding installed vtile ii tropical white

Contact your Horizon Tile rep for additional information on how we can help you include this interesting element to your commercial or residential project in a variety of price points.

Blog Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!


We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We look forward to serving you in 2013!

As we take this time to spend with our friends and family, please note our holiday hours:

  • December 21st CLOSED at NOON
  • December 24th & 25th CLOSED
  • December 31st and January 1st CLOSED

NEWH- Sheraton North Dallas

Join us tonight attending the NEWH Holiday Event at the Sheraton North Dallas to hear speaker Michelle Meredith discuss her design for the newly renovated hotel. While you are there, check out tile supplied by Horizon Tile in the public spaces!


To see more images of this new project click HERE

To RSVP for tonight’s event, click the image below:

Reuse Tile!

Horizon has had the privilege of attending Cersaie, the annual world tile and bath show once a year for as long as we can remember.  Over the years, there have been times when there is one factory, one new introduction that stands out above the rest. As we approached this booth at the show, the only word that came to mind: “WOW!”


REUSE is a new marble look offering 3 unique stone look tiles in matte and polished finishes.  We are pleased to annouce Horizon has exclusivity on this series in the State of Texas!



Bianco Ossigeno Grigio Mercurio Nero Tungsteno


For additional information on this dynamic collection, please click HERE


Cersaie  in Bologna, Italy.  As usual, we were not disappointed with what we saw!  In typical tradeshow fashion, entering thru the doors of these huge buildings you will see every factory has set up their own showroom with plenty of display space, decorative accents, and seating. Some even include their own bars serving up espresso! (Always appreciated by this group!)

Architects + Artisans for the great article and post!

For perspective, here is a quick picture snapped as we walked between buildings next to a map of the fair:


See the tiny people? We definitely get our exercise as we walk the show, and it is always worth it.

New materials headed their way to our warehouse!

Stay tuned for a full Cersaie recap!

(Hint: more LARGE formats are on the Horizon!)


PLEASE JOIN US at our Warehouse Sale Friday October 12th 2PM-6PM, Saturday October 13th 9AM-3PM

warehouse sale(1)

We are adding items to our CLOSEOUT list daily!

Click HERE to see some of the items you will see in the sale

  • *Porcelain Tile
  • *Stone Tile
  • *Glass Mosaics
  • *Stone Mosaics

HIT Kerlite on DIY!

Many months ago, we were contacted to participate in an episode of  DIY Network’s I Hate My Bath.
They specifically requested our KERLITE thin tile, and after learning the details of the project, we were thrilled to participate!
Unfortunately, we don’t have any “Before” images, but think 1940’s era pink tiled bath and you will get the picture!
In addition to KERLITE, there were finishes like copper, onyx, and wood used to complete the look.
Check out the “After” images below!
Because KERLITE is so thin and lightweight, they took it up onto the ceiling, using a combination of colors and sizes creating a dramatic look.
VerticalAfter5 COMPRESSED VerticalAfter6 COMPRESSED

We LOVE the creativity used in this space and are so excited to have participated.

Check out the DIY Network I Hate My Bath site HERE
Click HERE to find the schedule for this episode
For more info on KERLITE click HERE
and don’t forget to set your DVR’s September 7th!

Scene on the Southside!



Dallas’ Southside district has a new hot spot- NYLO Hotel Southside is open for business! Opening just last week, the staff was excited to share its unique and modern boutique style hotel with the Southside community. City dwellers were invited to visit the roof top pool and bar for a late night happy hour. Soda Bar is a great place to enjoy a refreshment, grab a snack, and take on the Dallas skyline!


entrance EDIT  Untitled


5G Studio Collaborative was the lead designer responsible for this magnificent atmosphere. Known for their previous Dallas based projects like the Omni Hotel and Dallas Chop House, 5G is no amateur when it comes to creating beautiful and functional spaces in this city! Horizon Tile is proud to be a part of this project. From the pool deck to the restrooms, we hope that you will enjoy the view! Click HERE to read the Dallas Morning News article.
Click HERE to see more project photos!


A few weeks back Horizon participated in IIDA’s CRE8 Design Challenge and Fashion Show benefitting CASA.

We were paired up with designers from Rogers Ford and AM Design Associates who selected The Little Mermaid for the Fairytale themed event.  There is no doubt this event is full of creative designs, but we were SO impressed with the design these ladies came up with using our mosaics along with wallcovering from Koroseal.

Cre8 2 Cre8 3

For more details on the design process, check out AM Design’s Blog post HERE
Congratulations to all involved in this fun event! And especially to the Little Mermaid Team for winning “Best Performance”